3 Oscar Red Carpet Looks for Less

Tracey Lomrantz reveals Oscar looks that won't blow away your bank account.
3:48 | 03/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3 Oscar Red Carpet Looks for Less
-- -- little -- -- because we saw some absolutely stunning dresses on the Oscar red carpet and we thought. What should movie stars have all the fun everyone should have the chance to look like they are accepting an award from the academy and that's why glamour magazine's. Contributing style editor Traci -- -- here to show us three Oscar looks double blow you away and not the blow armed bank account. In the front saying I don't know how you -- -- -- there are some. Beautiful dresses down around a lot of beautiful just them before we get to the celebrity look like Allen talk about one of my favorites which was you in this. On -- her alama markets our -- and you're not the only candidate -- -- have more than thirteen thousand. More than thirteen thousand people like us on -- -- you are trending topic and what -- all night he cabinet thank you Tracy. I have to return though these Rivera -- It's really is your Cinderella moment that I. I'm gonna hang onto it yet but one of the most talked about. Angelina Jolie -- Versace and you found something more affordable we did we found a very. A similar look on the -- The tell me Versace and of course we have to talk about that thigh high -- it's led. Such are they saying her right leg now has its own Twitter with more than 40000 followers it's folly and he's very enlightening his no -- -- have to compete with tax. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we're -- -- the other side. That's right our diversions from David's Bridal 129 dollars a little more affordable lots more yes OK and how but the jewels because she wore she continually in July and art earrings are very similar like anything -- just a nice big stone -- -- from players. Why can't even yeah. -- -- -- -- That -- and then the one that I saw them standing to Viola Davis -- There is clearly that we should in this great rich -- Green -- not a beautiful moment for her not that was right there that's the -- -- in the shower and he had an imminent against IL and Vera Wang. Love that she had that little -- strapless neckline perfect and cleavage and no way. And now we've got out. -- -- From DC VG 8350 dollars in the Belmont a couple of weeks and ECD dot com or give me your sneak peek -- -- crazy. But it's very very similar to. Come -- number not snack break got a little bit of embellishment and then let's -- rehearing Intel's but the Julia tells about the Julia submit to you know I like that -- -- -- something really simple she -- had -- knowledge that I see don't wanna have. Don't -- and that's just a big Mary earring and not what color are different for -- when he won only five bucks finally thank you very much. And then we got a sneak peek at what our final one and jealous that I personally like a lot still -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of -- stress -- in the -- time and very soon we -- really glamorous look at a later. -- is totally -- -- -- lookalike and so the -- this is from unique vantage dot com 88 dollars. That's this 88 -- ahead of him -- pretty incredible and it -- that the gross. We've got the -- -- -- -- -- -- simulates a little ballots had -- in the bright pink spots from pick after all three. -- -- -- always think I'm excited to what they're out there and you're looking at the -- really did this is the biggest red carpet in the -- -- corsets and inspire a lot of women with there you know their evening lands -- give us some tips of where we condone what we can do to try and emulate he's looking out just look at pictures -- I try to get them Ivan and these are three great resistance at David's Bridal on anything to comment EC BD all right perfect Tracy thank you love even -- then ladies thank you very much yeah.

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{"id":15825924,"title":"3 Oscar Red Carpet Looks for Less","duration":"3:48","description":"Tracey Lomrantz reveals Oscar looks that won't blow away your bank account.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-red-carpet-tracey-lomrantz-15825924","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}