Oscar Winners Meryl Streep, Spencer on Big Win

Robin Roberts talks to Meryl Streep and Octavia Spencer after their big wins.
1:15 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Oscar Winners Meryl Streep, Spencer on Big Win
The leading ladies that I solved backstage after walking off with Oscar. Let me call my name I have this. Feeling I could hear half of America going -- -- -- And why. Her. Again. You know. But you whatever. Narrow street era and three time Oscar winner -- Yeah I didn't know I know who say that I know yeah. And I know. It's an enormous. Honor and it's really good people. Edwards. Who gave me. The award and how much fun you have into the dirty secret it's really fun to -- Many men have underestimated me in the poll. He still seemed -- to do the same. Can we live room. -- -- -- widely regarded as the finest actress of her generation. Street's performance as British prime minister Margaret Thatcher brought a flurry of critical acclaim. As always her accent was genuine and her look spot on she had a little help. With that you were able technologies and people that are here. Who work with you yet also won an Oscar and I think that having these veterans of fear constantly picking up I mean that guy. You know we really weren't every single thing he did my hair tonight what. Let's bring -- I don't I -- sweat apparent head she jumped up and down. She wasn't as excited if not more so without -- -- Broke the -- I jumped up and -- -- So I had even wardrobe this function in the -- awards. Transforming her because I did that on Good Morning America we didn't -- -- -- and I became. Do you know what. Happened could do without the head. -- Oh. -- -- and yeah then from veteran Meryl Streep to Foster new -- Octavia Spencer. Whose win for best supporting actress brought tears to everyone's eyes. Including her own. I helped him. The same -- And all the time in the theater and. I think they -- having -- that it involved -- look look look look look look like she didn't call. Yeah. So how does this change life for doesn't. Well this com. And -- Sally Field they love -- Yeah. -- Well it -- it out of his head and I I just you know I've got my life changed when I played this character because I really started to get it. The importance of the little things in life this is one of those big day. And no end high end I won't take it lightly and is just gonna make it work that much -- -- to feel like I haven't heard anything from. And you forever will be -- Oscar winner Octavia Spencer put the I'm sorry. Very good but yeah. But I -- --

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{"id":15799311,"title":"Oscar Winners Meryl Streep, Spencer on Big Win","duration":"1:15","description":"Robin Roberts talks to Meryl Streep and Octavia Spencer after their big wins.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-winners-meryl-streep-octavia-spencer-big-win-15799311","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}