'Lincoln,' 'Argo,' 'Skyfall,' 'Life of Pi,' 'Les Mis' Spoofed in 'GMA' Movie Trailer

"GMA" anchors celebrate the Academy Awards by inserting themselves into 2012's top films.
4:56 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for 'Lincoln,' 'Argo,' 'Skyfall,' 'Life of Pi,' 'Les Mis' Spoofed in 'GMA' Movie Trailer
an ordinary door, leads one man to an extraordinary journey. A mysterious force. Takes him to worlds where reality and fantasy collide. I'm bilbo baggins from the shire. There's nobody else. It's just bilbo baggins. I'm just a hobbit. We haven't seen a hobbit here before. I hit the gym like three or four times a week. I left the shire like a long time ago. Like half a movie ago. You'll witness the gritty world of undercover espionage. I have them in sight. Take the shot. Why are you hitting yourself? Take the bloody shot. Ow. Wrong guy. He will go behind the scenes, as experts plan a dangerous rescue mission. You're telling me there is a movie company in hollywood right now, that is funded by the cia? Yes. Yes. Pretty much. What is it like again? Exhausting. Rocky terrain. Do you have a bad idea like this? We have a lot of bad ideas. There was the hula-hoops and the creme fresh and your cousin. And the going from 8-track to cassette. That was a bad idea. The united states government has just sanctioned your science fiction movie. All right. And visit the world of a revolution, inexplicably set to music. ♪ Love for the lonely ♪ hello. Hi. ♪ A heart full of song ♪ are we just singing? I'm doing everything all wrong. You're not doing everything all wrong. But the singing is a lot. F ♪ for shame I don't even know your name ♪ am I supposed to sing here? My name's cossette. You have to get lost. It's too much. Best of luck. She will bear witness to some of the most momentous events in history. I am the president of the united states, clothed in immense power. You will procure me these rights. We will? We will. Oh, really. How about give, get -- procure. Big words. How about please. You must be the president. Wow. And watery worlds of untold adventure. It's a story that will make you feel and hear like never before. ♪ you hear that? Why is he singing? I don't know. What's the singing? Singing again. Right. Left. Good, ay. Josh elliott, lara spencer, sam champion, george stephanopoulos, and directed by robin roberts, "good morning america" the movie. The journey continues. A special thanks to tia. Anybody you want to thank in your speech? I know the tiger is winning the oscar. Really should. How about that tasty bite of fish there? Those were a lot of fun to shoot. They really are. But, boy, that makeup is tough. Everybody, tune into the real thing, the oscars, this sunday, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. Don't miss our oscar party with

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{"id":18566118,"title":"'Lincoln,' 'Argo,' 'Skyfall,' 'Life of Pi,' 'Les Mis' Spoofed in 'GMA' Movie Trailer","duration":"4:56","description":"\"GMA\" anchors celebrate the Academy Awards by inserting themselves into 2012's top films.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2013-lincoln-argo-ted-spoofed-gma-movie-18566118","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}