Jared Leto on Landing Oscar-Winning Role on Skype

Robin Roberts talks to the Oscar-winning men of "Dallas Buyers Club."
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jared Leto on Landing Oscar-Winning Role on Skype
And the two stars of "Dallas bieby -- buyers club" just perfect on and off screen. The same type of chemistry last night. I was speaking with Jared. Look who shows up backstage. And the Oscar goes to -- Reporter: If there was one win to bet on -- Jared Leto. Reporter: Jared Leto had everyone buying in. The 42-year-old taking home the first award of the night for his supporting role at an hiv-positive transgendered woman in "Dallas buyers club." In 1971 in Indiana, a teenage girl two was pregnant with her second child. She -- uh -- was a high school dropout. And a single mom. That girl is my mother. I love you, mom, thank you for teaching me to dream. Reporter: That's a big shoutout to your mom. She did. She had really challenging circumstances and she made a better life for herself and in turn for me and my bro. She's everything. Reporter: Leto's shocking transformation began before he got the role. Is this a true story you auditioned via Skype? It is. It was a meeting with the direct person someone grabbed me lipstick. I said hello. I took off my jacket. I had a pink sweater on pulled over my shoulder. I proceeded to flirt with him a little bit like rayon probably would have. And I woke up the next morning with the part. You're about to be photo-bombed. Oh, my lord. Congratulations. Thank you. Come here. Would you tell him it's a great speech. He came back thinking he didn't hit it out of the park. He's wonderful for those things. I've already talked to you about that. The apology to get settled in. You pause to remember what you want to say. I forget to thank people. I obsess on that all night. I'm glad I got to thank my mom. A great story about your mom and your brother. He was worried about didn't want to do the interview at first because he wanted to be in his seat for your category. That's the kind of love. I love -- You're going to be here for a couple of hours. Congratulations, brother. Thank you, thank you. He gave me the job. I wouldn't have got. Job if he hadn't said, okay, let's give this guy a shot. And a couple hours later, the guy who gave him his shot got the Oscar himself. You spoke with him backstage. Just so full of -- I love those unscripted moments backstage when they can be together like that. The connection on screen. To see it endure, on the biggest night of their lives.

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{"id":22749294,"title":"Jared Leto on Landing Oscar-Winning Role on Skype","duration":"3:00","description":"Robin Roberts talks to the Oscar-winning men of \"Dallas Buyers Club.\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2014-jared-leto-landing-oscar-winning-role-22749294","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}