5 Most Outrageous Gifts Inside the $85K Swag Bag to The Wealthiest Oscar Stars

Business Insider's Aly Weisman reveals the big money behind the Academy Awards.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for 5 Most Outrageous Gifts Inside the $85K Swag Bag to The Wealthiest Oscar Stars
Everyone at the Oscars wants the big award but no one goes home empty handed -- gets the official Oscar gift bag. And Alan Weisman is the senior entertainment editor at business insider Alley around you hello -- this is no ordinary get back. No this isn't it -- breezy 85000. Dollar gift bag any 5000 dollars yet it's not it's pretty much twice what last year's -- -- -- -- this is a really big here and get back. This company got distinctive assets for the past twelve -- has been putting these get back together. But you know for everyone gets to be a winner yet and we're looking at pictures of that this is not so much -- bag is it is an entire table of gifts. Which include travel insanely expensive items what are some of the major things on the list there's everything from six dollar items to 161000. Dollar items. The highest. Did most expensive item is -- 161009. Coupon for right here treatment plant a -- but yes well that's like an -- actually a couple days ago in the New York Post that people that tipster is getting here transplant -- -- day it's not be your transplant its operator had it you know -- -- implied that hear it for more for that. But on then there's that 151000 dollar walking tour of Japan trip which sounds amazing. And I would tolerate. A 9000 dollar trip to be guess which includes and meet and greet with boys to men. And it. Seattle which sounds off previously dvd yeah ask that you take it to chip in Nelson's the Oscar nominees are baffling and be lining to cash in on math because a lot of this of his two runs do we have any sense for how many of the people who get the -- actually use the coupon we don't know exactly -- -- they don't use that they can -- -- to -- sell out that family and friends and you know. There go the Christmas gaps they're yeah right they stuck up at Oscar time and exact thing -- -- This stuff is clearly so much money and you might ask yourself why in the world which companies shelved this kind of money out to celebrities. My sense is that it's all about its program now and it's all about celebrities talking in tweeting about the things -- -- used. Totally the publicity that people and brands -- from putting parent. Product and you get back. Is -- we're talking about -- now I'm sure there's millions of people that are going to be talking about them when they hear about them and see them in pictures right exactly and then at the celebrity tweets about -- -- to their social media count. It gets exposure that they could not -- otherwise and when you think about the cost of an actual celebrity endorsement these brands for example. -- you -- dealing with Jennifer Lawrence that is millions of dollars verses thousands of dollars per celebrity to get the same exposure at the beginning and very -- and it hit its listing ill. And the celebrities have to pay taxes as well. I do you think that's tracked. -- -- -- some of the highest grossing speaking of money the highest grossing Oscar nominees this year. So -- Internet DiCaprio was nominated for his Roland waffle blustery and he is the highest grossing Oscar nominee -- Over so that means that his movies his entire career he's brought in. Six point three billion dollars to the box office which has more money than the actual Wall Street cat inaccurately yet and it was a -- -- has only taken 340. And only 349 and worldwide at the box office so far. But if you remember -- we have starred in a big movie -- Titanic which took in two point one billion at the box office so. A lot of that is coming from -- incredible and there are still people that are watching that movie all around the world -- right back in terms of who you think is going to take it home taking on the big -- -- you -- -- away. -- I don't think it's gonna be -- I know people are really rooting for him and Leo no Leo as far as that's actor I think it is Matthew McConaughey year. You know he will be the first to tell you that he's at a great point in his career he's killing and -- he's never been nominated for an Oscar before but he's been Hollywood for so long and this is really have time to shine he's got that HBO series true detective which is so popular right now getting such -- critical feedback that. You know he seems to be -- day and favorite right now and for the women -- -- For the women I am so torn -- It's either going to be -- planned -- who has swept award season so far more in any Sandra Bullock who put. Her heart -- and to that gravity performance and was on screen by herself the entire time so. That was a hard movie to carry and she really -- -- so incredible women to apple actors thank you so much January thank you back us up.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Business Insider's Aly Weisman reveals the big money behind the Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22718445","title":"5 Most Outrageous Gifts Inside the $85K Swag Bag to The Wealthiest Oscar Stars","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2014-outrageous-gifts-inside-85k-swag-bag-22718445"}