Oscars: Countdown to Hollywood's Biggest Night

Chris Connelly answers all the looming questions about tonight's gala event.
3:11 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Oscars: Countdown to Hollywood's Biggest Night
Did we mentions Oscars on the yes it is that in just a few hours the biggest stars in the world. Going to be -- in this red carpet the reds every you'll see in just a few minutes and we put up the live now has -- I threatening our -- we're gonna do it soon anyway -- better than me from hand to hand out the hardware it's all coming up just. Few hours so who's got the edge who might surprise everyone ABC's Chris Connelly is right -- Hollywood to answer all these looming questions for -- it's -- -- -- I'm sure you're excited. I am excited and -- be larger than life Oscars behind me could talk. It would be disturbing but -- remind you -- literati of Hollywood will soon be -- in this very red carpet. -- no one really is prepared for how loud it can get and then strutting their way into a venue with a brand new name what's that new name -- is one of the Oscar questions were about to answer including when it comes to the artist. What's the opposite of lost weekend. Wildest award weekend ever since -- speak for the French cast and crew of the -- Oscar will be -- third award show in as many days -- -- usually don't. By the united Harris the only six they desire is France's top film on it. Saturday afternoon they took four independent spirit awards tonight perhaps the -- and grounds we. -- Billy kill it. Show producer Don Fisher says don't bet against host Billy Crystal. People who have loved -- through the years. And think I've grown to expect certain segments from Billy are not going to be disappointed. Little -- called the theater picture this with Kodak and bankruptcy it no longer owns naming rights to -- home. Broadcast we'll call the Hollywood and highland census. Is -- and none on the red carpet. Not just any gun that's the Lawrence Hart who -- Elvis presently in 1950 seven's loving you she spent the last fifty years or so when it -- that. It is the subject of a best documentary short nominee. -- was the dean who. Who's the -- and office. -- and their NATO commander in that attack attack -- -- the dictator ruled. Panetta is one who million dollars -- -- -- -- and she went -- and -- the. War is over Oscar producer Brian Grazer says he's eager for Sacha Baron -- Arrive at the ceremony as his newest film character view mideast dictators. Why is Oprah punching someone. She's starring in would have Jimmy Kimmel to late night Oscars scheduled. Most people that are so many in the face you know -- would have but Oprah went to somebody in the face and that's you know that's known facts viral right. And I took -- a couple of moments to get my rhythm do you think. I was finding my -- than I think he got a very quickly I was nervous I was very nervous nervous about -- Oprah she's. This could happen. The other -- -- a lot of comedy and not just with -- -- they're going to be tremendous but along with the tight races in the beautiful dresses they -- to -- talking about all the laughs we enjoy on this telecast them.

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{"id":15793700,"title":"Oscars: Countdown to Hollywood's Biggest Night","duration":"3:11","description":"Chris Connelly answers all the looming questions about tonight's gala event. ","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-countdown-hollywoods-biggest-night-15793700","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}