Oscars Countdown: Hollywood's Makeup Magician

Nominee Matthew Mungle transformed Glenn Close into a man in "Albert Nobbs"
5:55 | 02/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars Countdown: Hollywood's Makeup Magician
As we countdown to Oscar Sunday we're giving you an inside look at what -- in the making your favorite movies of the year news this morning -- -- introducing you to the amazing makeup artists. Who transformed. Glenn Close into a man and Albert -- if you haven't seen that movie you really need to. Oscar nominee Mathieu my uncle art Cameron mathison that the make -- visit magician and -- joins us this morning from LA they can't wait -- See -- transformation camp. Yeah that would that's that's right -- and Matthew Lowe gave us an exclusive sneak peek into his. Hollywood. Makeup studio and like you -- to Robin through the power of special effects makeup he gave me. A little sneak peek into my own future. He -- movie stars into monsters. Can -- a young man old doubted my homework. He even made Arnold Schwarzenegger pregnant. -- -- -- -- Los Angeles studio is part science lab. Part art studio. -- well there's no word for this. Peter bloated man. Mr. Obama before sculptured -- -- Sheffield drove through it like this hopeless feels like normal today. Should take into this business when I was a kid. About 1011 years old I love monster -- And then of course plan they came out in 1960. And -- -- I was hooked. Since he's applied make up to some of the most beloved characters. Like Edward scissor hands. Won an Oscar for the make up in Bram Stoker's Dracula and win something terrible happens to someone on CSI usually Matthew bungle is behind. Do another one for the -- -- your liking this a little too much. The walls of his workspace are lined with -- face casts of the stars he's worked yeah. What put every single one I would say 80% is -- we make magic happen all. And his team of artists can create just about anything this -- -- school being naked. We'll make all the best for most productions of wicked turn. Out that. -- latest feat is remarkable transformation of Glenn Close -- a man for the film's Albert -- which is earned him an Oscar nomination based -- unrelated. I loved doing settlement -- for the audience to go well I didn't know they were wearing anything. They're not succeed. What was it like through the first time that you saw. Finished Albert -- I get teary -- I loved it I thought. This really works what are some of the things that you will do when you have to -- A look at -- face I'll say okay what's gonna draw first basically. Gravity is not our friend can you sort of be looking into a crystal ball to see how and will be isn't sure I admit I can take -- I can take. It already seen the previous full Internet futile legal gel give a little bit heavier ones twos refueled. -- -- is really besides. Here. Yeah. Visitors can receive. And it's a lot -- in my -- I'm still this guy. Enjoy even -- an -- What we're gonna start with -- is putting your hair back. Very little water and it. And our good to have. I'm an aging thirty. There's the time you know yeah. Feel like. It looks and so I'm real and a little scary for me I guess -- live partially assassins and I've -- -- this this this is how ahead so realistic. Terrible shock. And what would -- be like for my wife Vanessa I'm waiting for me in the next room. After all she married. This guy I -- -- -- know why it's a little strange feeling I feel like many get a glimpse of the future. A future where I've gone from this to this -- AM seventy years old I'm feeling. They'd like emotional. About the necessary it's just it's weird like I don't know I don't know what's all of a sudden. You know we're having fun here but the same -- had that's where -- -- Finally upon and still remain he. -- And probable. Instead -- -- -- Happily and -- gave -- life. Reality is a lot has -- but at least my wife knows what -- And for now Lincoln National. Very very surprising. To experience the power of this kind of elaborate -- and what what can do that to the emotions -- really wants to look in the mirror and see that old man looking back at me. Was very moving also very easy to imagine how we can help but after getting deeper into character actor -- also very motivation for Vista by anti aging -- Off topic kept looking -- but I think any yet again put pressure off of the convertible that they'll. Actually it -- a few more times. But I love your house -- just -- our reaction to that was perfect she loves you she loves you yeah that's apparent. All right -- -- seeing -- soon camp and from the best makes you well yet to the best movies you can see at all. On Oscar Sunday February 267. Eastern right here on CDC.

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{"id":15677949,"title":"Oscars Countdown: Hollywood's Makeup Magician","duration":"5:55","description":"Nominee Matthew Mungle transformed Glenn Close into a man in \"Albert Nobbs\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-countdown-matthew-mungle-hollywoods-makeup-magician-albert-15677949","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}