Oscars Red Carpet 2012: Winners and Losers

Dresses worn by Octavia Spencer, Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie create buzz.
6:59 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Oscars Red Carpet 2012: Winners and Losers
-- -- all season long Kevin saying how wonderful this woman has looked on the red carpet. You know and and I'm Daryn last night she did not disappoint me he's beautiful stunning gorgeous shimmering Al again. A lot -- that's always seeing. Haven't. -- -- -- -- All the folks back and an Alabama he said you wanna give a shout -- your -- well my mom. That's the way at all I'm sorry thank you -- her you know she passed -- eighteen years and remember a long time dying to know anymore little while. And so I don't know if I said thank you her I don't know what I said yesterday. I know I didn't -- thank you do they have participant and that will just -- Because my life but my mom especially I don't know I think -- Good he looks. Like -- you tell her any don't you know -- hundred dress Octavia with that was -- coming out what products definitely trying to. How hot left legacy at least many I'll have him. Oh yes she had to drop in the name has been the center -- -- here Greg Moore and then -- -- Thing we saw last night with a wide in the pastels in the light. -- yes absolutely and Octavia I mean just shimmering gorgeous goddess. White everywhere so many people wearing it -- would leave from we -- parked for miles -- Diana amazing but it now of course there rents. Who looked the best in late last night. You -- an average. Court today. Beautiful I have fat because units units that he wanted to see me and red. And and showing some leg and I like I want anyone to disappoint you you're that I on track and we'll thank you very much as possible to juicy lest they said -- -- I thought that you really. Really -- -- looked -- -- I didn't. I thought Atlanta left. Absolutely stunning and while -- You know I would say for me probably. My top three -- loop where Jessica chat saying I'm definitely glad Paltrow back. There was so much -- on the car -- you know that was definitely hot hot hot. Camp in your topic and it would definitely be ruining my math and I thought -- deleting and I don't know if you know -- front and let. Everyone in Europe copied her all of their collections were inspired by -- this season. With the very simple test that actually gets it had a great dramatic care how people live a symbol of gorgeous she's rather -- No accessories -- he noticed that. Tutsi led to me why I also like Rose -- I thought was phenomenal experience in national flag pink dress and that was something. Anybody could Wear. -- -- And then lastly of course stimulants. Telling him that thought that stressed from debt from an easy time in the -- colored wrap. Have to look there's your read -- I -- I love Michelle Williams issue in my mind numbed entry along with that attack came black hawk jets. And all I thought this was some of the bishop -- looks to primarily we're with a great -- -- -- there is also a lot of metallic from the -- as well and I just thought you know -- loves a long -- it's kind of I think that she got on the carpet back. Islam back down I just got she's never left mark glowing and radiant and so -- -- I -- we almost had a little bed peek at the moment happening that might have wound up -- what do you do adding I got. I thought it got married we say it just -- her face -- beautifully you have to think about that. The cameras panning in -- -- they're not distracting from themselves. They're dressing for their lesson yet and the gold on gold the jewelry -- with the gold and perhaps spending I thought it was very chic and yet we have -- our viewers at home. Just pick who they thought with the best dressed -- -- Jessica just days when I -- we're just so that was really something again. Really very good look but overall -- nucleus of what disarmament carpeted. You know I was I find the ones that were very very strong like we're just the iconic you know what a threat we'll go down in history I think it's being one -- those iconic -- and Michelle Williams. Definitely -- he would address. And I have really like Viola Davis -- for that we'll talk about color me that something that really. -- and she'd been doing all well. During this Ortiz and two at zero -- dress and the range but here he's just an unbelievable amazing things these teens them. I liked ABBA album and the design. Leaving the fleeting it was like perfectly -- -- -- -- -- -- her -- -- I had left it until and we that I had -- Los Angeles Times when she first came out within and I was really excited that she decided to go. That last attack I was happy to see that -- -- fidelity whose -- beautiful. I just thought she was just very. You're not you're not clear. Advantage Brad is so polite -- Now show I had Spanish Grace Kelly yeah I love the way she loved I just thought the hair with a little -- period you know I I got. Whole old Hollywood glamour moment and she really knows -- -- survey of -- for me I just pushed the hair with the little bit more relaxed. Not a fan -- and at that address ever. Highly apparent plans for that event however -- -- let. Yeah. I mean I can get by said that the fantasy right there though that -- everybody wants to see. That is what everybody wants to see and I shot Brad she's right -- him. A little. A little something. Yeah we would never. On Friday led her hot dinners he's. Visit business with the -- until -- awards season is over let me -- -- remember most involve the red carpet. For me you know I'm -- remember -- -- in that -- you know nobody else can -- Can give a fashion moment like that it worked at cape on the carpet and taken off and have a beautiful simple dress with a structural shoulder. I've been a board does have minimal makeup I mean for me this was just like I kind of like. Oh my god trying to bid again never again -- And turn Marianne means she looked absolutely spectacular we will not forget that and it's -- bringing -- -- I have to tell if this is going to be coming soon to a mall near you yeah -- -- It's copying her. She is the directional Bermuda -- it's all about that -- I don't -- -- brown -- the Atlanta fears the designer's dream -- though as you are. Thank you -- not -- proud and you are having you on the GM made team the rest of thank you see how much.

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{"id":15799928,"title":"Oscars Red Carpet 2012: Winners and Losers","duration":"6:59","description":"Dresses worn by Octavia Spencer, Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie create buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-red-carpet-2012-winners-losers-15799928","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}