OSU Football Player Missing

Ohio's Kosta Karageorge, with a history of concussions, has not been seen since 2 a.m. Wednesday.
2:06 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for OSU Football Player Missing
morning, we are tracking a mystery at Ohio state university, a college football player vanished. Left his apartment and hasn't been seen since. His family is worried his disappearance is linked to a history of concussions. Ryan smith is on the story. Reporter: This morning, Columbus police are urgently searching for kosta Karageorge. His family fears he may have done something rash after suffering one too many concussions. He was last seen 2:00 A.M. Wednesday morning, telling his room mates he immediate to clear his head. He recently posted vines showcasing his fun-loving side -- She's back, baby. Reporter: Went missing after not showing up for football practice. Something his friends and family say he never does. His sister, Sophia, telling the Columbus dispatch, I've seen him sick as a dog go to practice. He's on time. And he is a defensive lineman and former wrestler for the B Buckeyes. While they say they have cared for him, he may not know what's going on. Hits like these in tackle football can carry the same force as a bowling ball being dropped on a player's head from eight feet. Over time, the hits that can result in concussion are very concerning. Reporter: He last was on the field against Penn state. As they prepare for tomorrow's game against long-time rival, Michigan, they will have to do so without their teammate. According to his sister, he doesn't have his wallet or id on him. He left without the motorcycle. He was one of the 24 seniors set to be honored in Saturday's game. His family is hoping for his safe return at this point, guys. They want him home safe. Understandably. Thanks, Ryan. And now to two young boys

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Ohio's Kosta Karageorge, with a history of concussions, has not been seen since 2 a.m. Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27231164","title":"OSU Football Player Missing","url":"/GMA/video/osu-football-player-missing-27231164"}