Overweight Kids Shed Combined 700 Pounds in Four Months

Exercise school helps children lose weight, live healthier life.
2:11 | 12/23/12

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Transcript for Overweight Kids Shed Combined 700 Pounds in Four Months
Well as most are packing on the pounds only to regret it, a story to make you put down the christmas cookie. How a dozen overweight kids changed their lives by shedding 700 pounds in four months. ♪ it's the school where being a loser is the coolest thing going. I lost 50 pounds. 65 pounds. 100 pounds. Jason and keelie got back from mindstream in south carolina from overweight and middle high school student, get healthy without missing class. I learned how to exercise and increase my strength and stamina. We've done just so many exercises that I never thought i could do. That's not the only way mindstream katers to the student's body. On top of regular classes -- one more. Reporter: Students can do everything from zumba to Before I came I was shy and nervous. I like going outside. I just have a lot more confidence. Jason chelsea and cameron were part of a dozen students whose nearly $29,000 tuition pass paid for by the independent school district along with families and several charities and they say their investment was worth every penny and here's why. In just four months the 12 teams grade waited a chopping 756 pounds lighter. It's really not easy. You have to have the confidence to be able to say, I can do this. I've proven to myself that i am important and what's to come is the greatest thing. Reporter: And for a nation suffering from the highest obesity rate in the developed world these three dedicated kids are proof that losing weight is gaining a lighter and brighter future. Jason is incredible. He lost almost 100 pounds in just four months. His mom said he was slow to smile before now grinning ear to ear. So impressive. In this era when athletes

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{"id":18049058,"title":"Overweight Kids Shed Combined 700 Pounds in Four Months","duration":"2:11","description":"Exercise school helps children lose weight, live healthier life.","url":"/GMA/video/overweight-kids-shed-combined-700-pounds-months-18049058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}