Owners Spend Thousands on High-End Fashion for Fido

Pampered pooches strut their stuff in custom gowns that sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars.
3:50 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Owners Spend Thousands on High-End Fashion for Fido
Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain We get it, america. Some of us love more dogs than others. Lara has 30 at home right now. I think. No, 29. A new trend. Dressing your dog up and putting your dog into the fashion world. Take a look. Grace wishes she had more closet space, not for her clothes, for her dog's clothes. I pchased hundreds of items of clothing for my dogs from off the rack to couture. Reporter: Her dogs are among the growing number of pampered pooches for who high-end fashion begs for attention. Evening gowns. Shoes. And even fashion shows for dogs in which the puppies strut the cat walk. It's not about being a pet desi designer. Reporter: He's considered the dior of doggie design. He says business is jumping. They're doing birthday parties. Bark-mitvahs. Doggie weddings. Reporter: His designs fetch thousands a month. It's best in breed to a multiple dollar pet accessory business. Grate, who routinely paints her dogs' nails, knows critics question why it's necessary to do anything at all to a dog. She loves it. Weshlg okay. We're taking it to the next step. Is doggie sweater blown up, by the way. The perfect way to describe it. Here to get further into it is terry hall from kleinfeld bridal. This is amazing grace. A perfect example of the couture. This was a ground we made for one of our clients. Grace is modeling it for us. Is there she doesn't care what the going on. No, she doesn't. She seems comfortable. A whole lot going on there. Grace seems comfortable. It's because she's wearing couture. Some would say. We're going to have a doggie fashion show. We have the golden hydrant at the end of the -- that's nice. Start us off. The first look, this is daphne. Designed by roberto. This is the josephine baker look. This is ostrich crystals. Retails for about $1,000. Can she turn around. I'm not doing that. No way. She doesn't look comfortable to me. The next model, inspire by downton abbey. This is rosie and porsche. They're constructed with faux fur. We have to go. Peaco peacock, come out while we say good-bye. I'm just saying a large dog would probably never put up with this. This is phyllis diller, everybody. You can get all of these looks and check out more at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!. We'll be right back. Promise.

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{"id":18647990,"title":"Owners Spend Thousands on High-End Fashion for Fido","duration":"3:50","description":"Pampered pooches strut their stuff in custom gowns that sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars.","url":"/GMA/video/owners-spend-thousands-high-end-fashion-fido-18647990","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}