Pa. Doctor Stops Hospital Shooter: Police

Police say patient started shooting while talking to his psychiatrist.
2:49 | 07/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pa. Doctor Stops Hospital Shooter: Police
We turn to new information on the gunfire sending shock waves through a quiet Philadelphia hospital. A patient started shooting while talking to his psychiatrist. The doctor then drew his own weapon ending the confrontation. Police this morning saying that they likely saved many other lives by doing that and Ron is just back from covering the story in Philadelphia with the latest. One person was shot and killed by the patient allegedly but it could have been much, much worse happening in a small hospital in Darby, Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia suburb and that patient heavily armed on a mission to kill thwarted by the quick acting doctor who happened to be carrying a gun himself. He is being called a hero this morning. He allegedly killed one person but 49-year-old Richard Plotts almost certainly would have killed more had he not been stopped in the shootout with his own psychiatrist. The doctor did not have the firearm, he'd be dead today and I believe that other people in that facility would also be dead. Reporter: The brother of social worker Theresa hunt agrees. The doctor who was armed, I think, was incredible what he did. Reporter: According to law enforcement officials Plotts who prosecutors say had a long record of arrests and mental illness arrives at mercy Fitzgerald hospital around 1:30 in the afternoon on Thursday. Around 2:20, Plotts and hunt enter Dr. Silverman's office. Dr. Silverman tells police that is when he pulls a recover from his waistband and fatally shoots hunt then turns on the doctor. Silverman gets his own gun from a pocket and exchange gunfire. Silverman is wounded but escapes. Plotts is critically wounded captured by two other hospital workers. Police say he was carrying 39 extra bullets. Crime scene photos obtained by WPVI show the aftermath of the gun battle, windows shot out and bloody handprints on carpet. Now Theresa's brother is wondering why she had to die. I'm angry at the gentleman who did it and I'd like to know why. Plotts is in critical condition expected to survive. The doctor was wounded in the head and hand but will be okay. Weapons aren't allowed on the presses but it appears he had been bringing it to work for years. Today his hospital is praising him for his brave action and looking forward to welcoming him back to the hospital. Save so many lives that could have been lost.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Police say patient started shooting while talking to his psychiatrist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24725495","title":"Pa. Doctor Stops Hospital Shooter: Police","url":"/GMA/video/pa-doctor-stops-hospital-shooter-police-24725495"}