Palin Says She'd Vote for Gingrich in S.C.

Former Alaska governor says she doesn't want the nomination locked up too soon.
3:04 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Palin Says She'd Vote for Gingrich in S.C.
Out of politics your voice your vote. And that's surprise last night from Sarah Palin she's made her pick for the South Carolina primary another boost for Newt Gingrich coming up a strong debate Monday night. But will -- be enough to prevent Mitt Romney from wrapping up this nomination with a win on Saturday. The screenings is John Carl from -- and John the other big news of the day Mitt Romney revealed that he pays a fairly low tax rate. That's right George C -- Romney under fire for his taxes while Newt Gingrich appears to have hit his stride. Coming off a strong debate performance and now getting -- boost from Sarah -- Sarah Palin hasn't endorsed anybody yet in -- -- told short hitter last night with who she would vote for. If I could vote in South Carolina in order to keep this thing no one I -- -- her husband Todd endorsed -- -- last week. Analysts say she'd vote for him to keep -- from locking up the nomination too soon. I wouldn't want this to continue more debates more -- -- candidates because we know the mistake it made our country. Four years ago was -- -- candidate that was not -- -- This comes on the heels of -- longest debate yet on Monday at the Fox News debate. -- actually received a standing ovation. -- Purchase new momentum comes off -- who's been ahead in the polls. Has been under fire for refusing to release his tax returns Tuesday -- revealed he pays a lower tax rate. That many middle income Americans. Let's effective right -- impact on its late closer to the 15% rate than anything 50%. According to the Tax Policy Center average rate for those making more than one million dollars seized more than 29%. How did Romney get away with paying so little my income comes overwhelmingly from from investments made in the past rather than ordinary and comer. We're that they earned annual income those investment earnings are taxed at the -- or -- -- Actually fifty. Percent Romney also has some regular income like the money he makes from giving speeches and -- -- speakers' fees and time to time but not very much. How much is not very much last year Romney was paid 374000. Dollars to give not speeches. We won't know exactly how -- Romney pays taxes until he releases his returns. Which he now says he will not due until April. After most of the primaries are over. Romney's Republican rivals are increasing the pressure on to release those returns now. Gingrich saying. That Romney is disrespecting the people of South Carolina if he doesn't go before they vote on Saturday and and John the White House that into the press yesterday at Press Secretary Jay Carney at their pointing out. There was Romney's dad George Romney back in 1967. Started the tradition of releasing tax returns. He released twelve years of tax returns when he was running for president but we don't know yet. How many years Romney's can reveal. Yeah in fact George Romney released -- returns before the first primary. Romney seem to make it clear yesterday that he only planned to release one year the current year tax return.

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{"id":15384885,"title":"Palin Says She'd Vote for Gingrich in S.C. ","duration":"3:04","description":"Former Alaska governor says she doesn't want the nomination locked up too soon.","url":"/GMA/video/palin-shed-vote-newt-south-carolina-15384885","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}