Panic at LAX When Rumors of Armed Man Spread

There was a security scare at the airport when travelers mistook the sound of a car crash for gunfire.
3:00 | 11/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Panic at LAX When Rumors of Armed Man Spread
going to turn to panic that broke out at l.A.X. Airport overnight. Reports of a man spread with a gun. People mistook a car crash for the sound of gunfire. But luckily, everyone's understandably all right. Everyone was jumpy, of course, after that deadly airport shooting there less than one month ago. And aditi roy is at l.A.X. With the latest. Good morning, aditi. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Thankfully things are quiet right now at l.A.X. Just hours ago, a multicar collision sparked chaos. And evacuated an entire terminal at the start of a busy travel week. Pandemonium broke out after airport officials say passengers reported shots fired. It caused passengers to take cover inside. As police swept the area. Everybody get down. Authorities evacuated two terminals at l.A.X. But found nothing suspicious, according to airport officials. A lady hit a pylon. And that made everyone think there was gun shots. And then, somebody in terminal four said they saw somebody with a gun. So, they evacuated the terminal. And everybody was outside. And chaos. Reporter: Police confirmed that no shots were fired. Instead, investigators say the loud noise came from a multicar accident outside, caused when a woman suffered a medical emergency. That particular traffic accident, we later found, was caused by a medical emergency. And the individual involved in that traffic accident, hit several things. Reporter: Tensions remain high, just three weeks after a gunman opened fire at l.A.X. Killing a tsa officer and injuring three others. An autopsy report released friday by the l.A. County coroner's office, said tsa officer hernandez had been shot 12 times and had 40 bullet fragments in his body. The incident comes at the beginning of a holiday travel week. Officials predict l.A.X. Will be the busiest airport in the country this thanksgiving week. 2 million passengers are expected to travel through. Now, flight schedules were impacted by this disruption. However, they have returned to normal. Airport officials say 4,600 passengers were impacted.

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{"id":20989146,"title":"Panic at LAX When Rumors of Armed Man Spread","duration":"3:00","description":"There was a security scare at the airport when travelers mistook the sound of a car crash for gunfire.","url":"/GMA/video/panic-lax-rumors-armed-man-spread-20989146","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}