Papal Conclave 'Will Not Be Short'

Washington cardinal says the process to choose a new pope might take a while.
2:39 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Papal Conclave 'Will Not Be Short'
All the cardinals are now in place to pick the next -- And some signs of struggle over who it should be and how long we'll take ABC's David Wright is on the scene in -- and David some big news coming today. That's right George in a briefing that's going on now moments ago the Vatican spokesman. Spoke the words that 4000 accredited journalists and millions of Catholics around the world have been waiting for. That -- vote to go into a conclave is expected. This afternoon. This morning the paparazzi seemed especially interest -- in the American cardinals. In a week with no news they've been the only diversion the Italian newspapers full of headlines the Americans are trying to hijack the process. By resisting pressure from the Italian cardinals and -- in the conclave right away. Today this quote from cardinal whirl of DC the conclave will not be short. An early vote favors the insiders. And that means above all the people well known in Rome that includes. All of the Italians. Until now the excuse not to start has been that all 115. Voters has yet to arrive. Last night Vietnam's John Baptiste -- took that excuse away taking his seat with the other cardinals. The other excuse that the Sistine Chapel wasn't ready now the windows are blackened the chimney and -- But I -- device called the -- they cages being installed to prevent electronic. Eavesdropping. There's nothing in it. Constitution that says that they can't meet on weekends. So they could possibly meet on Saturday. To the big news we're looking forward to the possible beginning of the conclave. Reading the tea leaves in the Italian newspapers and they -- should be taken with a grain of salt the factions that appeared to be emerging have the Italians on one side and the Americans on the other the Italians advancing. Possibly a Latin American candidate. The Americans arguing that the church needs a new sheriff met sheriff could be Timothy Dolan. Sean O'Malley for mark will -- -- Canada George. His struggle has already begun but what exactly will happen once the date for the conclave -- announced. Well according to the constitution a couple things have to happen they have to set a massive special mass for the election of -- Pope. Then the 115 voting cardinals withdraw into the Sistine Chapel. For the duration of the conclave they will be living in a place called Santa -- house that the Vatican dormitory not plush accommodations but fairly comfortable George. David thanks very much and I answer will be in Rome anchoring ABC news special covers the papal conclave choosing the new -- Josh will be there as well the whole NBC news --

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{"id":18682338,"title":"Papal Conclave 'Will Not Be Short'","duration":"2:39","description":"Washington cardinal says the process to choose a new pope might take a while.","url":"/GMA/video/papal-conclave-short-cardinal-donald-wuerl-18682338","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}