Paraplegic Athlete to Push His Chair Cross-Country

Ryan Chalmers will "Push Across America" in 71 days.
2:48 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for Paraplegic Athlete to Push His Chair Cross-Country
Chalmers is here today a gentleman whose -- -- -- that and it has not slowed him down he's 23 years old. He's gonna push his racing chair across the United States from LA. Two New York it is a seven. To raise funds and awareness for disabled teens and young adults and it's something that we don't put on television enough. So here is and -- is. Roll in and I -- now they tell me when you started training because this is a lot. And I've been. Doing with your sports ever since I was eight years old. Inside guy and wheelchair racing very young have been training actress actually competed in London and that's when he twelve paralympic games. And after that I kind of transition into the training. For the push across America which I'll be doing and so I pretty much been training for these types of moments -- -- things my entire life. -- just to see your face and and how incredibly happy you are when you're out there. I know that's inspirational people but there's an entire. Young audience who doesn't have. A lot of people look up to to say you know what no matter what happens in your life you just kind of got to figure out how to rebound from it. What do you say to people who come up to you and they say I don't think. I don't think I can go on because maybe I had an accident and in my legs aren't aren't there anymore and met him I think my life is over what do you say -- You know it's really just to stay focused and never give up. You know this whole journey. That I'll be doing is to show people you know that being -- Disabled you know you are still -- you can do anything that you've put your mind to you know do not let it hold you back you know that's. This is basically to show you know wheelchair sports is -- is exactly like able bodied sports you know we put our heart and soul into this. You know this is what I'm passionate about -- and -- And I love what I'm doing and I'm no different than anybody else you. I know you are different because you're a -- -- -- and faster progress that I. It is such a pleasure to have -- here and thank you for being who you are and just being such an inspiration and good luck on that. 71. Minute days Lara -- Bradley are going to be -- rooting you on Ryan the journey I believe begins April 6 April 6 and ends June 15 and then sometime after that I'll be back here to. Give an update about how went you want I want you know please keep have to have everybody keep us posted along the way I want it wouldn't you want. I want everybody to know absolutely you can actually follow the journey on push across America dot org or social media people out there has had for you. It's push USA push US puts -- at.

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{"id":18854195,"title":"Paraplegic Athlete to Push His Chair Cross-Country","duration":"2:48","description":"Ryan Chalmers will \"Push Across America\" in 71 days.","url":"/GMA/video/paraplegic-athlete-push-chair-cross-country-18854195","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}