Parents Up in Arms Over Barbie

Limited-edition tattooed Barbie has some worried kids will get wrong message.
4:02 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Parents Up in Arms Over Barbie
Can move under the new -- Dallas first told you about last week her pink hair leopard skin leggings. And those tattoos you see even on her back have parents up in arms Andrea -- if you -- more on the controversy entering into your -- -- as a currency covered all the way down her back her chest her arms. In tattoos so Mattel they described the new tattoo Barbie is funky fashion he -- featuring trendy body art. But some -- just call it tacky and a bad influence. Cutting edge fashion -- -- -- Temptress. No matter how you see here she's a far cry from the -- -- years past in this. Seventies there was Malibu Barbie yeah. Western Barbie and -- the eighties on horseback in the -- -- in the ninety's she came -- -- office. Painful but some wonder if this latest Barbie is too risque because she comes with. Permanent tattoos. The -- -- he -- Barbie inspired by Japanese fashion. Comes covered in tiger's birds and flowers on her nasty chest and shoulders. Simply with a few Bob -- leggings and micro mini parenting sites like -- mom dot com and moms and the city. Are now debating -- impact on their daughters. And hundreds of our GMA viewers are voicing their opinions one GMA viewer wrote very inappropriate and also very very tacky. I thought Barbie was a classy kinda girl. Horrible idea what's next body -- -- I don't think it's inappropriate. They see tattoos on everyone from grandmother to their babysitters now everybody's playing dress up and put on their mom's high notions like -- -- -- But had to use -- permanent we assembled a group of moms and their daughters to weigh in on this generations choices when it comes to dolls these Bratz -- -- barely their tops and minis with high heels and the monster -- collection features dolls with fish net stockings. Was short skirts and heavy -- All come with impossibly tiny waist long legs and a generous bust. I really think that body is a strong influence on -- -- -- because they want to be -- -- let's start -- it. Just tattoo Barbie what do you guys think I think if it's okay for -- to get tattoos. Then little girls may -- dream about getting a tattoo when they're older so I don't think it's a Smart idea obviously Mattel does not raise my daughter I do. Com but I do think that these images just like the media -- at all matters. And that even these little things -- -- that they played with questioning the messages and it's and it's very powerful I love it. Nobody love it while I have tattoos her father -- -- lot of us have tattoos. Some experts say in real life young girls do take a cue from dolls and their cartoon counterpart. Especially when it comes to body image and their own fashion choices -- little girls get -- that have. Not just taxes but taxes all of the president -- their entire body. It does influence them in terms of thinking. What's beautiful -- What's cool looking and -- moms and daughters may disagree. I don't think we can make such a big deal out of choice what happened to letting little girls be little girls this latest tension over tattoos prove even after fifty years Barbie is still setting trends. Mattel released a statement to GMA saying the doll is meant for collectors. Barbie has been dressed by more than seven. Barbie has sported an endless array of styles many of barbie's most pop culture -- -- outfits have been designed for the adult collector. Some of the bombs that -- upset saying just because it's for adults doesn't mean kids aren't going to want it but it comes at a very adult price well it's -- the dollars about forty dollars however it is completely sold out we had to buy this -- on eBay guess how much. Not gonna get -- 500 dollars. -- Barbie sorry girls.

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{"id":14833725,"title":"Parents Up in Arms Over Barbie","duration":"4:02","description":"Limited-edition tattooed Barbie has some worried kids will get wrong message. ","url":"/GMA/video/parents-arms-barbie-doll-14833725","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}