Parents Discuss Daughter's Walking Into Propeller

Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs explain daughter Lauren's condition after accident.
4:19 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Parents Discuss Daughter's Walking Into Propeller
-- joined by Lawrence parents Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs good morning to you both hand thanks for coming out in such a difficult. Tom what can you tell us about how -- doing right now. On you know yesterday it was really good day com there's a lot of really positive progress. They took -- to not in the afternoon breathing tube in. -- She didn't speak right away and then. It was a speech pathologist can there in his head as she say anything yet -- known as the war when you say hi daddy and didn't she is high because. And that and then later he hit later she told you wanted to Charles sisters that she -- and. So that was so encouraging to us that she started speaking yesterday in you know she was -- really uncomfortable as you can imagine. Him that was an encouraging sign for us now so -- -- -- unless -- are that high. That must have such a relief for you both there was -- -- -- -- Have you been and -- pieced together any better what exactly happened on the tarmac. You know it was a really horrible accident. She'd been out looking at Christmas lights and I wasn't there. From what I've been told -- -- she got out of the plane afterwards the plane was stopped on the tarmac and I'm guessing she would have to. I'm guessing she went -- to think of highway coming she's just. -- -- -- -- -- Heard and be grateful for him just taken her -- been shown in the Christmas lights -- on balance and. So. That's probably she just want to -- thank him for sharing your home and you have to call we're able to get their pretty quickly right. I was actually there. And I was inside and someone came in and told me that she had gotten hit by the propeller. So I went out there. And just because there and until the carefully got there and what did you see when you first got there what -- able to do. I was just -- is able to hold -- And. That's the toughest part of it also isn't just seeing her laying there and waiting for the help and I -- just -- honors are much I loved her and that's that's really -- I can -- -- career. -- -- prayed over and just ask Jesus stood just either went there and for her and that sound you just sustained her from that. It was so great to hear that encouraging news about her progress yesterday what else in the doctor's telling you can about her prognosis. Well then they're Telesis can be -- -- covering him obviously if she's had a lot of trauma here search engines. -- she lost her left hand. She's her left eye is still questionable and you know we're just praying that that would remove her left -- -- regain its side. You know it's just. It is -- you know long recovery. And what they're Thomas basically -- going to be a marathon and we need to be ready for about it. Were all there we have just hundreds of friends. That have poured out fear and just keep praying and gosh the overwhelming love that we have received his just couldn't. More than we can't even ask. Well as she said so many are praying for Lauren what's the most important thing you want everyone you know about. The most important thing is she loves the lord -- decides that she's just. Fun loving gregarious. Outgoing. Young lady this you know she's never met a stranger is incredibly friendly. She'd give you the shirt off her back and he needed it. She loves fashion she's passionate about writing. She started her own magazine this year it's an online magazine called -- -- -- And it just launched in August and she has so much passion for that. But beyond that what she wants to -- without his two. Really -- causes through that as well and so that's -- that's part of her future with writing this magazine and I just want to help other people and just really -- just help people that simple things of life. Sounds from me she sounds like a fantastic young -- thank you both very much.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs explain daughter Lauren's condition after accident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15094344","title":"Parents Discuss Daughter's Walking Into Propeller","url":"/GMA/video/parents-discuss-daughters-walking-propeller-15094344"}