Parents Try to Make Kids Hip With DJ Classes

Can training your kid to spin records, curate music help them later in life?
2:45 | 09/15/13

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Transcript for Parents Try to Make Kids Hip With DJ Classes
est Text1 plain Some parents are concerned with the development of language and motor skills, others want to make sure their toddlers are learning how to be hip at an early age. Hence the images on your screen. Deejay lass for your babies. In brock lynne. Did you wear a fedora for the story? I did. My hipster jeans. I live if brooklyn. It's not jus that. You come by it honestly. When you think of terrible 2s, AND 3s AS WELL WE DON'T Think of disco house and hip hop. Now we can. Courtesy of baby deejay school. What do you get when you take this and add this? The next david guetta? Not so fast. Meet the baby deejays. This eight-week program gets toddlers up singing and dancing. ♪ but it's the deejay equipment that amps up this high-wattage class. Nice, now put that one up. My friend's son ryder was interested when I showed him me deej deejaying. He was into it. ♪ I'm gonna get you baby ♪ Reporter: And so, baby deejay school was born. I thought it was creative and fun. A baby deejay class, who would have thought we would be going to that? E enjoyed he could touch it. It was interactive. Reporter: What does baby deejaying bring to the mixing board? Motor development and social interaction with parents. It's valuable. Now you talk to people about deejaying, that's a concept of it being hip. This is about saying deejaying is something little kids do. It's something you do with your family. Reporter: Some little ones were not so hip to the beat. She didn't take to it. Unfortunately. She loves music. I thing when it's a little loud and a lot of people around, you get this reaction. Kids are very good at finding activities appropriate for br they are. Reporter: One thing I do know, the grownups were definitely having fun. Right now, chazzs available only in brooklyn for to thes a few months old to 3 years old. She's hoping to eventually go nationwide. It was an overdose of cuteness. Should have invited jake. I didn't know how this would go. I wanted to test it first. Boldly going where no other correspondent would go. The biebs and the boxer. What was the pop superstar doing

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{"id":20260667,"title":"Parents Try to Make Kids Hip With DJ Classes","duration":"2:45","description":"Can training your kid to spin records, curate music help them later in life?","url":"/GMA/video/parents-make-kids-hip-dj-classes-20260667","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}