Parents Outraged Over NY Mysterious Illness

School board weighs in while hundreds of people demand answers to growing issue.
2:16 | 02/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parents Outraged Over NY Mysterious Illness
Developments in that medical mystery in upstate New York doctors still have no explanation for what is causing -- -- -- an outburst and a group of teenage girls. But parents are now more confused -- angrier than ever they're now lashing lashing out at the school and the town itself. In his TJ Winick is here with more details on this disturbing story good morning to you. -- a good morning to -- parents were absolutely furious Saturday it was the first time the superintendent publicly address concerns about those. Uncontrollable -- over a dozen -- students now claim to suffer -- You can see and hear the frustration. Parents outraged and demanding answers you -- -- got off. Hundreds packed the high school auditorium -- Le -- New York -- upstate community were over a dozen girls. 30 central barge Fitzsimmons appear to have come down with a mysterious illness and symptoms similar to tourette's syndrome. This is a good day for me. This is. My functional -- According to recent environmental tests by the state Health Department there is nothing in the school that is causing the girls to get sick. If we had an environmental conference here we would see this in -- widespread. Spectrum of folks we wouldn't just -- students. Human just -- predominantly girls. Some doctors speculate it's a disorder known as parents -- children develop obsessive compulsive disorder after a bout with strep throat. Only that disorder is found in children fifteen of the sixteen victims who have come down with these -- thousands and seizures are teenagers like -- Parker. Great now I can't I can't stand for more than about two minutes side in a wheelchair. And my vocal. And take everything everything gets really bad at night I embrace that I do have conversion disorder. Because it that the only thing that helps me to get out of -- in morning. To reassure worried parents independent air quality tests will be performed at the school over the next few weeks as we have double checking the State's findings. Still the neurologist has treated many of these teens is convinced it is a case of what's known as conversion disorder basically mass hysteria.

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{"id":15516641,"title":"Parents Outraged Over NY Mysterious Illness","duration":"2:16","description":"School board weighs in while hundreds of people demand answers to growing issue.","url":"/GMA/video/parents-outraged-ny-mysterious-illness-15516641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}