Will Paris Jackson Follow in Her Father's Footsteps?

The King of Pop's daughter, now 15, speaks out in an interview with Event magazine.
2:56 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Will Paris Jackson Follow in Her Father's Footsteps?
paris jack speaking out just hours before lawyers start questioning potential jurors in the family's lawsuit. They can targeting the concert promoter for $40 million. Reporter: Good morning, potential jury yors will be files in very soon and now, we're hearing from a if I recall who, until now, has had a life kept very private. Paris jackson said her father wanted the one thing he nef d, a normal childhood. From the little girl who never left the house without a mask over her face to this. Paris jackson is 15 and growing up rig before our eyes. This morning, she's out there for the world to see. On the cover of a british magazine. Paris is pop music royalty. According to the mail on sunday's event magazine, she's getting the royal treatment. The trust pace for 15 full-time staffers. From pod guards to a chef, nannies, maintenance men. All held inspect the home where they're being raised by their grandmother, kathryn. She wants to have a normal high ol experience. Here she is doing just that. Cheerleading at her high school. Tweeting out silly pictures of herself and showing off her new edgy hair cut. She's very much a normal teenager. She was texing her girlfriends. She goes shopping. Reporter: She was 11 when her father died under the care of dr. Conrad murray. Just two weeks before the debut of his "this is it" come back concert. Today, jury selection starts in a reported $40 million civil suit against the concert's promoter, aeg, who also hired conrad murray. They claim aeg put the desire for profits ahead of michael jackson's health. This is a tough case. To say it is aeg's fault that dr. Murray did what te he did. Reporter: Paris tells the magazine she only recently took down a shrine to her father. She has no plans to follow the king of pop into show business. Instead, this princess of pop wants to be a heart surgeon, saying, I want to help people, that's it. She sounds like a good kid. She says she want os to see part of her father's fortune used to restore the decaying neverland estate so sick children can go there to enjoy it. She and her brothers could be called to testify. The one person we won't hear from, dr. Conrad murray. He plans to plead the fifth.

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{"id":18956604,"title":"Will Paris Jackson Follow in Her Father's Footsteps?","duration":"2:56","description":"The King of Pop's daughter, now 15, speaks out in an interview with Event magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/paris-jackson-event-cover-michael-jacksons-daughter-fathers-18956604","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}