Part Two: Bono and Alicia Keys on World Aids Day

The musicians on what we can do to help bring an end to AIDS
3:00 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Part Two: Bono and Alicia Keys on World Aids Day
But that's been another important change in the last decade and behind you seen -- change in the culture. In Africa in India places where aids is spreading so wildly where people are willing to take this -- and not afraid. Taken away that there was some resistance certainly. Someone population. And -- -- absolutely. And governments I think were in denial. And I think there's obviously on the from weakening I -- you just can't recognize that you can ignites I think that it is. And I think that it is so powerful that weekend. We can know that this is our global responsibility and -- and and that's why I feel like it's so. Wonderful that America has has been a leader in accidents in regards to the in regards to release -- -- in regards to the funding. And that's why you know we can be victorious you know we can continue to be here. -- -- and beatings. I am really to America's side if you eco itself speculation. And and you know we're not who we where we're not mean you are leading the world on this now. But the U budgets in Europe for development are actually larger than as a percentage let their kids as they do then then in the United States. But on HIV aids -- world's beauty you're changing the world and and it's but you're actually right there is does this tough times in Europe too -- vote conservative government David Cameron in the UK has ring fenced. He's eight budget saying -- can't that we need to do lots of cuts -- cuts can't -- cost lives. So that's really the -- That. You know I think -- I think admiration causes. -- about ten years ago whatever whoever exactly. She walked into a recording studio. And we were making cover of be Marvin case on what's going on as a bunch of people. I don't know who's just baby. Penguins came into economic -- something in me. It was an innovative. Just I knew. That was something very special come from her voice from her person. And in a funny way to be settings -- Is quite a big move for -- I suppose -- and a -- -- and you know was. Wheaton there's been a lot of -- A lot of miles covered mountainous and that so many people who are not getting the credits it. Elton John deserves an Elizabeth Taylor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All those people who died. So -- coming today. -- -- American. For his roommates. Died. In America so the domestic situation people like are believed hiding. In Oakland you know at -- at -- still a problem he watchful what's happening and you know. At stake -- -- slightly different from the United States now in part because of the success. In part because people know you can't live with HIV. Than a normal life you can in the drives a kind of complacency. Feeling that this party has been -- Patent fight that. Well I think that it's you know it's it's very. Very much to be -- makes it it has not been solved it is a big problem in America it's a big problem around the world which is why we need to care about it. I think that when we disassociate ourselves with it and think -- that's the problem over there most of them. That's -- -- -- -- beat big big big trouble and big traveling today because. Now this is something that can circle back around as it already is and really. Really really become a huge problem and I think my house at something incredible with. Everything that's gone on in the world right now and is so much time on there is so much difficulty in hard times. It would be it. Travesty -- disaster movie disaster disaster is to allow. That to be a distraction to the fact that we could actually in vests and our future. And creates the possibility that there would not be -- anymore you know and that if you can -- week we can get my fellow -- in an English. Are we -- -- my son. Can actually experience a world free -- that would be. That -- amazing victory Gloria of all time and when you when you bring up that day and that studio. I mean that was -- beginning of the change of my life because I met a woman named the break and we founded this organization can't keep its Cadillac. And I was able to be at a student Ambon -- -- they recognize that we that he did on this powerful work. And the most important thing that I recognizes that. You know. All that matters is that if it was -- -- -- your brother that your uncle your mother jeweler. Your friend your loved one you would not tolerate -- he would not allow anybody -- -- them. You love them you want them to live and once I recognize that anyone can understand him. And everybody doing that -- others made a difference in what a powerhouse team brought together to -- -- -- President Clinton President Bush President Obama. Same forum with the same message and -- it -- -- three presence. Today we got President Bush fraught actually four presence because President Bush is going to be on satellite from Tanzania was present quick -- And yeah it's this crossing political lines and an at a time when. The the scene here is a little noxious. Say the least political scene this is the one thing people. -- an argument that. Means it's it's it's great even in the last election. That was strange because most vicious. We fought contest known ever played politics with the world's poor. That's very important. As you go into this next election don't allow the world's were to be a political football. So you know -- when it when a candidate. Gets hit in theory goes that direction punishment. And this is the best of America this is you know this is. Part of who you are you know is it news the DNA of America is this kind of thing. You've been at this twenty years you've been at this a decade. Did you imagine. We'd be this -- -- -- quickly. I I was very restless. -- with with the programs. I remember a moment when present -- and said he would get the drugs -- motorcycles and bicycles and that's what it takes was great moment. And they hadn't that they did hadn't arrived. And I was seen. The the Oval Office rang this looks like you know he trucks -- it's it's innings. He's saying to him and said it you know. Straight. You know we're going to get them there had to go back and apologize to them because it did happen. And so notes -- -- -- ever from me. Sensitive question. But you know you seemingly ripped. And -- and news but that counselors to the day after incidents street's drop that it will want to drop the debt accomplished -- content. -- 45 million children in school. In the continent of Africa because of monies -- -- Foo foo -- dancers. This stuff works and when people. Worked together and you know what activists were funny we don't we don't -- thanked people we just gonna keep on maroon and I am saying you know we -- I was like. But I TV today's are they to stop. And just say. This stuff so this is incredible. Chance that's nearly there -- that is not vote. America. -- has led the world on this. Don't stop the -- You one more chance be relentless what's the one thing. Someone sitting home watching this morning sitting in their kitchen was the one thing they can do to -- -- well. Well I would say. I would say that there isn't much -- -- actually and and we have to on the fact that. We absolutely are the ones that -- -- an hour ago. It's you know and we are the ones that when they hear our voices that we are discouraged about something that we don't like the -- this is going they must change it. And so for you to utilize your voice. And contacting members of congress and -- -- that this is an important thing you. Especially going into the election an election year this is this means something to you -- you want to see them doing something about it. That's it incredibly effective. And I also find that in -- supporting organizations that's another thing I'm very proud of at this moment isn't really uniting of is organizations. There's been so much work put in -- so many different people. And -- so too many to even think -- for all of their time but you can also. You know find organizations on the grounds that you wanted to donate -- and participate and that's why we created keep -- out of last that there would be someone that without. The red tape and without waiting for this present to approve and that person so you can go directly to getting this medicine to to people who deserve it. And and brilliant ideas like red and one and -- so many. They say this Christmas by the way -- -- rent them you know by says Starbucks. Have given a fortune to the global fund. -- -- and buy their red products there is this you know as a say Coca-Cola just signed. Apple is there. We've had so many -- -- -- -- -- You go about -- You know these bonuses at the November. There is federal. It expects George it's -- hit president. Afternoon and in that Belvedere Vodka does -- out of balance and it's a really good. She's at the world aids day you can have -- take our. Paths in Cuba and thank you Stewart's.

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