Pasadena, Calif., Citizens Surprised With $250,000

The unclaimed money must be returned to the citizens or the city keeps it.
2:10 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Pasadena, Calif., Citizens Surprised With $250,000
Show me the money so far GMA has helped our viewers get back corner of 33723. Dollars in unclaimed money. And we are not done yet city of Pasadena California has more than a quarter million dollars in unclaimed money to return to people. But -- the 14100 people on the list don't claim their money by the end of the day today the city is going to keep it. It's ABC's lives of -- rushed to California to get the word out. We brought this over even money -- Pasadena California some people are no longer at their last known location. A lot of money on this track -- -- politics there. It does seem to believe -- 4959. Dollars. But most work over -- -- -- this welcome news couldn't hitting. That's fantastic. And lands and her husband Tom will get 1750. Dollars if -- limited time. If you -- -- didn't know about. Next stop the comics factory in the -- -- of -- Hasn't -- something like this unclaimed property in your stores -- and fast moving. Seventy dollars isn't it time but -- how many books they'd have to sell to make that -- can pictures and beyond Iowa he didn't as you. Neither had seen the unclaimed money alert in the local Paper or on the Pasadena website. City didn't send notices to them or any one last October. Pasadena City Council members voted to set a deadline then -- people's unclaimed money. After the city's department of finance assured them finance staff goes through a rigorous procedure to find and locate the pay -- To date the finance department has been unsuccessful. But get this one of the entities the city of Pasadena couldn't find. Is the Pasadena. Unified school district could be that hard let's take a look. Even there it is two miles away -- we -- The journey was sixteen blocks in just -- -- So that's. Six students and this is -- Did you really try that -- because we were able to. Find any of these people these well let me explain it this way we used to be able to half staff. To make phone poles and people who after those type of unclaimed checks and try to find. The resources that we had for five years -- we no longer have cynics will say that this is just a money grab by the city of -- it. Is it capsule in the city's budget is over 800 million -- We're talking about 4050000 -- unclaimed checks the year but if somebody doesn't Kashima -- the city has to what evolved -- in a separate account. Track it investigated. And to burden the city to hold them. So we hit the road again to. I have someone here -- There are 225. Dollars an unclaimed funds waiting for the local Girl -- that's 56. Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies -- here. Thank you very -- at all go to the girls. We had high hopes of the next stop because it was a big -- Check represents the amount of unclaimed money the city of Pasadena has where you. -- -- 3300. Dollars for contractor Oscar verdugo he says his company probably overpaid for permits. I'm glad to know that there's somebody out there like yourself. Looking after us yes -- for the rest area. We weren't done yet the city of Pasadena. Has a check for you. For 1176. Dollars do you understand English lit in the -- and we've now. -- usually this Delis salad son translated over the phone to make sure she understood the urgency. Will this money be helpful to you but -- up -- -- -- The nothing apparently -- back. Concurrent. Congratulations. And can I give you a -- say -- and he. As this Sunday Kansas that we went for one more seriously I don't -- meet with Good Morning America. Ice build the good news didn't get his -- that the city of passage. He has 2772. Dollars from. Waiting for his wife. -- by Friday the -- we definitely needed. This is unbelievably helpful because -- perfect market has met for next week thank you very much Good Morning America. That. We managed to alert people to a total of 141452. Dollars all in one day we hope that number will go even higher as people see this story but you have to claim your money. Today by the close of business so if you live in Pasadena or know somebody who does check out the list of recipients we've posted a link on our web site. Hopefully more people it was Pasadena -- in this case streamline the process. Absolutely they are pushing people to go for direct deposit so they can zap the money into their accounts instead of relying on the -- -- people actually opened the checks and cash them which personally I don't at the public that some people to get what you gonna feel like thanks very much we're good work. -- how you can claim unclaimed money in your city got a Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"id":15455862,"title":"Pasadena, Calif., Citizens Surprised With $250,000","duration":"2:10","description":"The unclaimed money must be returned to the citizens or the city keeps it.","url":"/GMA/video/pasadena-calif-citizens-surprised-250000-15455862","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}