Passenger Vanishes After Falling Out of Small Plane

A pilot flying off the coast of Miami says a passenger opened the backdoor and fell out.
1:45 | 11/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Passenger Vanishes After Falling Out of Small Plane
Now, to a mysterious incident in the air. A passenger reportedly plunging out of a small plane just off florida, falling and disappearing into the water below. So far the authorities say there's no sign of him. Abc's matt gutman has more on this bizarre story. Reporter: This morning, investigators are still mystified by how a passenger could have fallen out of a small plane off the coast of miami. And vanished. Mayday. Mayday. Reporter: This is the distress call the pilot made, after the passenger apparently plummeted 2,000 feet into the atlantic. I have a door ajar. And a passenger that fell down. I am -- six miles from miami. Reporter: The emergency responder seems taken aback by the pilot's call. You say you had a passenger that fell out of your plane? That's correct, sir. He opened the book door. And he just fell down the plane. Reporter: That emergency call triggering a huge multiagency search. The coast guard was notified by the faa that a pilot of a small plane reported a person falling out of a plane. We're working with miami-dade response units and conducting a search of the area. Reporter: After the plane landed at miami airport, you can see the police, here in this video, circling the plane, searching for clues. Neither the pilot's name or the fallen passenger's name has been released. Authorities are trying to determine how a person could just fall out of a plane. But they admit they're not certain if the passenger fell or jumped. There's no way that a door like this is supposed to come open. If you do manage to open it, whether you intend to or not, it's going to fall out and take you with it. That's so incredibly odd.

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{"id":20898670,"title":"Passenger Vanishes After Falling Out of Small Plane","duration":"1:45","description":"A pilot flying off the coast of Miami says a passenger opened the backdoor and fell out.","url":"/GMA/video/passenger-vanishes-off-miami-coast-falling-small-plane-20898670","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}