Pat Sajak Drunk at the 'Wheel'

TV host admits to having drinks before tapings in the show's early days.
2:18 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pat Sajak Drunk at the 'Wheel'
Pat say Jack is making all kinds of waves this morning -- those new revelations about his early days and wheel of fortune. In an interview with our sister network ESPN's agent had some fun talking about his long -- and liquid lunches -- Vanna White. Turns a piece of tape some shows after more than a few margaritas. And ABC's David Wright has the details. Who is Mexican spirit three consonants or valves. Now causing quite this third in Hollywood wheel of fortune host pat -- -- -- made a shocking revelation. -- -- When -- behind the wheel. Of the most popular syndicated game show on television. -- police sobriety is optional have you ever done wheel of fortune a little bit drunk. Yes about it TV and -- cute pat say Jack confessing to ESPN. Headed. The -- looks Archos across the street which is Spanish as you know for the Archos. End. We go look at and they -- great margaritas so we would go -- and I would go across and have two or three -- six and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet they're really good -- Let's buy a -- You can -- people who loaded up on -- did I think I think the number of the year the average number was quad -- I'd like to solve the puzzle please. Sure enough across the street from the peacock where the show is taped is a popular staff -- To the name has changed its call held to reach them now but the place is going strong I'm not really a tequila drinker but I gotta say. The margaritas. Pretty. -- Jack later told ABC radio he was joking exaggerating. About taking the wheels. Under the influence. A little show model cable network -- -- -- -- -- these two guys took trying to make a joke about having margaritas thirty years ago and it turns into you know I think for a day. Round three turns out fortune's wheel can turn even on its past for Good Morning America David Wright ABC news' -- Thanks to African -- a lot more fun for a -- yeah.

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{"id":15455334,"title":"Pat Sajak Drunk at the 'Wheel'","duration":"2:18","description":"TV host admits to having drinks before tapings in the show's early days. ","url":"/GMA/video/pat-sajak-admits-drunk-wheel-fortune-15455334","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}