Pat Summitt: Living With Dementia

Robin Roberts talks with the legendary college basketball coach.
5:37 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Pat Summitt: Living With Dementia
Pat Summitt is a legendary college women's basketball coach used to taking on all challenges with energy in such determination. Well now she faces the challenge of her life the diagnosis of early onset dementia just 59 years old but she will not let it defeat her. And that's strength will help others -- to. She has enjoyed the -- Just one more championship. Any one of women's basketball. And board games at any coach in college sports fans or -- So when the 59 year old hall of fame coach of the Tennessee lady -- Was diagnosed with early onset dementia earlier this year. And decided to go public two months ago I have something to share with -- Tennessee family. She once again. -- been so amazed. And the response. Two dementia and pound them deal with it once that would coat won't cut down next. -- might get up on the latter DNC when that they may. To climb the -- yet again with their son Tyler by her side. And cut down the neck as she has done after eight national championships. And she's looking toward number nine. I just think it's a great group and another very focus on -- wanted to be about me you now want it to be about -- And about this right here. Now those -- also looked pretty good count me. And -- say we need none. -- -- -- These are uncharted waters. I don't know -- -- coaches. That night announcement of dementieva that still coaching. I can't site one assist and try to so. It is what we're gonna hit some bumps in the road we know that. Mom but there's healthy -- -- hit bumps in the road with -- season starting it's business as usual. Pat has been put in the lady vols through their paces. GM lost her sense of humor she told our kids to things she says -- remain remain. And I'm still -- -- action -- -- so those things are fat. Since concluded the same firm still yelling and practices. Still getting on our ballots that everything seems to be the same in you know it's not it's -- he's never gonna give us. And pat keeps herself physically and mentally fit as well I worked out five days a week -- say that's very very important. Keep -- on chart I got a lot of puzzles. Otherwise challenging -- roadways but let let. -- -- -- look you have it I had a chance to visit with pat and her 21 year old son Tyler if at her home in Knoxville I want -- think. You can coach. Well unsaid probably coach for three more years. And -- go the beach. Or hang out here of the dollars and do whatever in the meantime -- intends to will keep on keeping on. An inspiration to others -- she tackles the men jumped on her turn. What I want to do is get other people to understand if you have dementia yeah. You know don't be afraid. It is a message -- players -- supplies. Cops. What's the lasting lesson do you think. I think there's no excuse us. I'm pat lives by that every day on the court and off the court no matter what has thrown her way to overcome -- and -- apply that to myself. I have no excuse. And left -- drop dead there's no excuse to not succeeding in doing the things that I wanted it. And for now that means -- another national time. She once this I think that's. A lot of people -- that's why she's staying in coaching does that put any added pressure on you guys pressure -- just more motivation. Mehmet the last thing in the meeting. She said we yes or what we can do for her and she said. Go out there when that night's championship I don't even thinks he wants it for her she definitely just -- this man admitted we know that she's fighting physically. But she wants to do this -- -- is -- -- It's all about -- I like to see young people succeed we still feel you have something to keep. -- think that's consistent. Is a teacher and such an inspiration and people keep asking me -- that she's doing well Pat Summitt is doing well thanks to medication that's maintaining her memory right now. And as we just heard her health and fitness regiment so important to maintaining her help and you can see much more of this interview. But this remarkable woman tonight on 20/20 and 10 PM eastern and we talked to doctors and just get about a better sense of what it is and it's so clear you have such a real behind. Her door half my life. I you know -- Know what to expect like out there she's facing an issue. Would imagine that as as -- said one -- approaches. Uncharted territory don't really really could you cannot overstate what she is meant to her sport she really -- on her shoulders for so many years and the great thing Josh now is that people beyond the sports world. Are being are knowing about her and arm are inspired by -- the way she's didn't position showing she's just coached through and through stood at -- Stephen Lewis. Much much much more on 20/20 to -- are looking forward that.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Robin Roberts talks with the legendary college basketball coach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14880283","title":"Pat Summitt: Living With Dementia","url":"/GMA/video/pat-summitt-interview-womens-college-basketball-coach-dementia-14880283"}