Pathmark Shooting: 3 Dead in N.J.

Police are investigating a shootout at the Old Bridge supermarket.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pathmark Shooting: 3 Dead in N.J.
Several people are did it this morning following -- -- out at this app market about 4 o'clock this morning -- -- those police are standing you can see some of the last that we shot Al. It front of the Pathmark -- we -- that several people were killed in the shooting. It including the suspect whether or not that was police involved -- -- question now there's a huge police presence here we're gonna bring you. Across the parking lot to TGI Friday's this is it the old -- shopping plaza of course there were employees present at the time of the shooting. Police quickly evacuated them and brought -- to this TGI Friday's where they are all waiting to hear exactly. What happened to -- -- -- Janet you're just talking about they're gonna have to now come to investigate Torre. Face of everything in making sure. That there are not any other individuals that have something do with this and keeping people out of harm's way as well. You see the police officers right there they're walking right in front of the of the Pathmark. Can you do you know how busy -- what time exactly did this happen. It happened at about 4 o'clock this morning and from our vantage point he can tell you that the scene. Has certainly changed in the last half -- hour when we first got over the -- all the police were staying far back in fact we can bring you back. Right next to that Friday's there's -- parking area and that is where they were all states. Other -- at least that -- there as we brought you to the front of the app market self. Airport police there but they seemed much more gore -- it and they are now out there walking around a little more freely we -- now that the suspect was shot -- -- -- entry. Ain't it to the Pathmark so it seems right now that the situation is more static it was -- when we first on the scene again she happening at 4 o'clock this morning. Unclear as to who shot the suspect but -- the suspect. Sick to be shot and -- the deep here about a confrontation. Between police officers and the suspect that you see. They're moving around they're not -- they're moving around the open windows so deftly the situation calmed down and as you said getting more -- investigation stage of the -- here. And genuine shown us the employees who were just across the parking lot at the TGI Friday's. That we don't know how many employees were inside the -- at that hour -- and it's early of these folks who were getting ready to open the store. -- stocking the store do we know what was going on at the story that -- is -- the 24 hours stored do we know how many people were in there. When the shooting happened because right now I don't believe we we know how many people are dead inside that build. Yeah unfortunately right now we don't know that number that are dead inside the building I can say. Since we've been over the scene we've seen about a dozen or so now we -- -- employees that are here at the -- -- -- that were. You evacuated by police officers and brought to safety and -- it's. Quite a distance away at the -- shopping complex but quite a distance away to keep them out of harm's way you know what makes the question at this point. -- -- -- that happens at 4 o'clock in the morning. Old -- New Jersey in a Pathmark shopping center is whether or not this was targeted shooting and that's of course what they're going to be investigating. Rather than just seeing some information about that. Pathmark for Mattel website talking about hours from Sunday through Saturday. 6 AM to 1 AM so at least during that time it was --

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{"id":17124396,"title":"Pathmark Shooting: 3 Dead in N.J.","duration":"3:00","description":"Police are investigating a shootout at the Old Bridge supermarket.","url":"/GMA/video/pathmark-shooting-several-dead-in-nj-17124396","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}