Patrick Dempsey to Star in 'Bridget Jones's Baby'

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories in "GMA" Pop News.
3:57 | 09/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patrick Dempsey to Star in 'Bridget Jones's Baby'
Come on in. Time for "Pop news" and begin with this. After months of mourning over mcdreamy's death, Patrick Dempsey is back. Alive and well and he will have us falling in love all over again. This time on the big screen. He's discuss been announced as the third lead in the third installment of the Bridget Jones diary franchise. This one is called "Bridget Jones' baby." Dempsey stars alongside Renee and colin firstth who reprise their characters. No word yet on what part Dempsey will play but if he ends up delivering the baby we know he's got it. And he looks good in scrubs. Yes, he does. Welcome back, Patrick Dempsey. Also in "Pop news" this morning, breaking news in the tech world. Forget the new iPhone and iPad, all those announcements from apple we want to talk about taco, burritos and unicorn, oh, my, they are just a few of the new emojis being added next week, the taco in particular has been a long time coming for it. Rather passionate group of individuals pushed for months to get the spicy little half moon of goodness in the mix. Taco bell even started a petition through in January which had more than 33,000 online signatures all to get a taco emoji, yes, it's true. The new emojis will become available with the release of the latest iOS 9.1 and others we can look forward to on that release include the hot dog, cheese wedge and the bird, the kind you make with your finger. Oh, that one. I can see that one being used a lot. Taco. The taco -- Pay up at the end. Glad I -- I could have done so much more but I didn't because you know what, because of this next story. Serena Williams obviously an icon and the fave at the U.S. Open, she plays in the semifinals today if it stops raining and no one will be cheering louder than 3-year-old Mimi whose video has gone mad viral. Take a look. We're playing tennis. I would shoot it up in the air and like daddy, daddy would like so cool. He was like who, who? Up in the air. Did you hear it? I was like, no. So he said, it's the last one, so I said shoot it way up in the air. Just like Serena Williams. Yeah, you were. She is like Serena Williams. She is Serena's biggest fan, jpmorgan chase has since served up an ace to me economy bringing her to New York to meet her idol but first a "Pop news" pop-in with Mimi and her mom Kimberly. Hi there. Hi. You've been waiting so patiently to come on up. Hi, Mimi. It's so good to meet you. Whoa. So, Mimi, when you get to meet Serena what are Y this morning because it's your birthday. How old are you? 11. And she's from Georgia. Celebrating out here even though it's drizzling. We don't care. You know where it will be more than drizzling inarts P of the plains. It was yesterday. Look at that hailstone from Nebraska. Thank you, Tina, for sending that in, severe weather threat moves into parts of Kansas City, far northeastern Kansas and far south Danielle: Good morning. Temperatures are in the 70's right now, that is where they are going to stay for the day. We are tracking a strong storm over New Bedford that is heading to the north and east at about 30 miles per hour. More rain That's a good one. She should think that, right? Yeah. All right. Well, look in the camera and say, good luck, Serena. Good luck, Serena. We'll be right back.

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