Patrick Swayze's Wife Revisits Loss in Book

Lisa Niemi Swayze talks about her new book, "Worth Fighting For."
5:00 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Patrick Swayze's Wife Revisits Loss in Book
You know it's been -- it's hard to believe for many of us it's been over two years since we lost the incredibly. -- that Patrick Swayze -- pancreatic cancer. His wife Lisa Niemi swayze has a brand new book it is beautiful -- -- called worth fighting for very honest depiction. Of their loved her tough fight against this disease and how she is moving forward with her life it is wonderful leases and it. To have you back and I'm wearing cancer in your honor and in Patrick's. It's not perfect shape and -- also is that there has -- art Keller for pancreatic cancer a sign of all the work that you've been in doing on that yes I have to tell you. So authentic yet so real your writing you don't sugarcoat. Any and here's the -- -- was really helpful for. A lot of people -- we've -- grief counselors say -- it's hard to tell your story was never knew it you know. What it wise because by the time I got through the end of it and went back to the beginning. I was amazed at some of the details that I expressed and it and it was a difficult process. I gave myself. Plenty of time -- case I needed to walk away from Manhattan who. -- Which I did -- a couple times and and they just got back up but I can you what it's. It's. The whole point was taking. You know if you can't take. A bad experience for something so huge in your life and do something constructive what that that I figured to soldering. That -- -- -- experience and so Patrick and I we're always have always been performers and it's the same thing is -- Doing acting writing a song I wrote a book. And and hopefully and sharing that experience which you don't often get my point -- -- -- that Ryan from a care givers porn if you. Hopefully we'll help other people. And I wanna talk to that look and a little bit about the message to caregivers because it's your lot of their a lot of us. That have gone through cancer or going through cancer and and it's not just about us. It affects the whole family can't all of our loved ones when this happens. Act cancer sets -- to wipe out everybody it is fat guy it's it's really -- although the the patient the white -- that pace. Is the want to -- the ultimate prize. I have to say when you were writing. And I notice about two a lot of women here got to find it hard to believe that when you first met Patrick of -- eight to fourteen Q wasn't your type not. No he can't exit to bad reputation Eddie's Spezza had this big Ed -- Casanova. And -- like. I'm not let this guy get to me is and of course. First thing he kidnappers cut that was seat -- me on the rare. As -- passing by. It makes you -- that that's so of course later on when he asked me out I said yes that's critical or super a public school incident did not have a I don't know what's your -- -- and in the talking before that. There was a time that you had to walk away from the -- he was drinking and you're not gonna let them the -- himself but you all before his diagnosis came back together. Now -- then you've got remarried and talk about him riding in on -- white stallion. Yeah that that was that was pretty incredible news right before he decided to go out to. That he would decide ankle up -- -- the series in Chicago that the east. And it was dislike with just a few days before we were that it would do to -- -- we said let's go ahead and do so we threw it together. In about 34 days in it was just the most beautiful. You know what I got to see when people say it's a happy stay of my life because. I think it. It it was so magical everyone the race that air is just full of love it was like a magic potion had been admitted into the air making eight everybody getting it -- -- and it was it was a pretty of course I cried through it all -- End -- it is such a great it's such a great way and and actually it was really hard for me to share bat in the buckets wanted to because sometimes it's harder to talk about the good parts. -- it isn't out. Ours in the thirty seconds that we have remaining and I want you to talk to those that are caring for someone. Going through something like this what is your message through your book you know just -- -- so often there's so much fear that goes along with a diagnosis of cancer. And a lot of times what can happen she closed down and you can alienate from each other. And if you be brave enough and -- called each other's hands and jump in -- together keep your heart open. And there can be some terrific gifts that she can get by them. And for a caregiver also. Do you really good to yourself because it's -- tough journey and you need to keep yourself healthy for the whole thing. That's creative science and let your dedication dedication is that dedicated to the one I love gone from my site close to -- Heart in New York to -- Thank -- Lisa thank you appreciate so record it's time for the right back.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Lisa Niemi Swayze talks about her new book, \"Worth Fighting For.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15279168","title":"Patrick Swayze's Wife Revisits Loss in Book","url":"/GMA/video/patrick-swayzes-wife-lisa-niemi-swayze-revisits-loss-15279168"}