Paul Babeu Embroiled in Scandal

Former Ariz. Sheriff allegedly threatened to deport secret male lover.
2:22 | 02/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paul Babeu Embroiled in Scandal
-- sex scandal involving a rising star in the Republican Party a man who co chaired Mitt Romney's campaign in Arizona. He's a no nonsense tough on immigration sheriff now dealing with -- allegations. That he threatened to deport his secret ex lover and then from Mexico. ABC's David Curley is on the story this morning Washington David good morning to -- good morning then this is a. Bizarre story with a connection to the Romney campaign this tough talking share revealing he is gay but he says he is going to battle against some very serious allegations. We run the jail they don't want to jail the allegations are shocking it is hard charging tough talking rising star in the Republican Party. Who has battled the Obama administration -- this tough stance on immigration. It's time we stand up for America. And for our rights it's time that we put America first. Is now caught in -- sex scandal involving a Mexican male. The sheriff running for congress co chairman of Mitt Romney's Arizona campaigns until pictures were printed in a newspaper. With allegations that the sheriff allegedly threatened to deport the Mexican man if -- reveal their sexual relationship. All of these allegations that we're in one of these newspapers. Are absolutely completely false then it. In this extraordinary news conference this admission. Except. For the issues. That referred to me as being -- is that's the truth I am game. That revelation sent shockwaves not just to the sheriff's county. But also national politics within hours of the allegations of -- -- this year are resigned from his position with the Romney campaign. With Romney celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. It was his campaign releasing a written statement with in minutes share that view has stepped down from his volunteer position with -- campaign. So he can focus on the allegations against him. We support his decision. The sheriff doesn't deny a relationship with a Mexican man who worked on his campaign he but he does plan to fight the other charges. In a lot of people have reached out to me already friends in and voters supporters and said sheriff this changes nothing. That's who you are I know you personally I know I your performance. And -- had value and appreciate. Who you are. Not only -- the sheriff continue to battle these charges he says he's also going to continue to run for congress.

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{"id":15745372,"title":"Paul Babeu Embroiled in Scandal","duration":"2:22","description":"Former Ariz. Sheriff allegedly threatened to deport secret male lover. ","url":"/GMA/video/paul-babeu-embroiled-scandal-15745372","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}