Paul Giamatti Dishes on Working With Robert Pattinson

The Emmy-winner talks about working with Robert Pattinson in his new film.
3:00 | 08/13/12

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Transcript for Paul Giamatti Dishes on Working With Robert Pattinson
up, our next guest is in a fascinating movie called cosmopolis. And paul giamatti joins us now. This movie is really something. Kind of a head trip. Very much so. Robert patton son plays a billionaire, wall street trader very young. You're his stalker, would-be assassin. It's a fable that turned future into history. That sounds about right. It's like a kind of science fictiony, black comedy. Sort of satire. It hits on a lot of things in the news. You're filming when all of these occupy wall street protests started. A lot of that resonates through the movie. Absolutely. It's actor, a lot of things. It wasn't trying to be. The book was written years ago. While we were shooting it, there is a guy that hits people with pies. And robert patton son gets one. As we were shooting, rupert murdoch got a pie when doing the whole thing in london. It's still going on right now. You actually don't appear in the movie until the very end. It's one of the most intense, and to use the word I've used, impressive scenes, 20 minutes head to head with robert pattinson. You've been stalking him. Let's show some here. You are berserkly rich. Don't tell me about your charities. I have no charities. I know this. You don't resent the rich, it's not sensibility. What's my sensibility? Confusion. This is why you're unemployeeable. Why? Because you want to kill people. That's not why I'm unemployeeable. Then why? Because I stink. Right in the middle of the debate that's raging right now, then it veers off. Absolutely. It's all over the place, this movie. No. It was intense to do that. 20 minutes long, you don't get to do that in a play. No. It really does bring the whole movie together. I have to ask, I read somewhere that you don't know much about robert patton son until you worked with him? No, I never saw him. I didn't see the movies -- you didn't know about the "twilight" craziness? I'm an old man. I'm rapidly aging. My kid is too young for that stuff. I didn't know he was british. I thought he was fooling around. I had no idea he was british. I didn't know anything about him. You didn't have to be followed around -- we were shooting. There weren't all these girls around. I have more girls than this guy does, right? Lovely ladies. I wouldn't bet a lot against a bigger crowd for robert pattinson. You think maybe some people will show? I got to ask you about your other big movie this summer. Loved "rock of ages." YOU WENT BACK TO THE '80s WITH The big stars there. Was it fun to go back to that decade? It was fun in the movie to do it. I wouldn't want to actually do it. Why not? I was in high school. It was fun but I was in high school. I prefer it now. I prefer life as a movie star than being in h school. Yeah, it was great in the movie. I didn't have toing much but wearing the ponytail, it was great. You've developed a specialty playing presidents. John adams. Nower' you're doing the voice of teddy roosevelt? Yes. It's a documentary on all presidents. Yeah, I did teddy roosevelt. I would love to do william howard taft, those guys, sure. You're fantastic, very far from a president. It's fantastic. Thanks a lot. George. And anywhere

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Emmy-winner talks about working with Robert Pattinson in his new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16993557","title":"Paul Giamatti Dishes on Working With Robert Pattinson","url":"/GMA/video/paul-giamatti-cosmopolis-16993557"}