Paul Rudd on Jen Aniston, 'Wanderlust' and Hippies

Hollywood funnyman chats with Lara Spencer about his new romantic comedy.
4:40 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for Paul Rudd on Jen Aniston, 'Wanderlust' and Hippies
One of Hollywood's funniest man is back on the big screen with a new romantic comedy Paul Rudd stars alongside Jennifer Aniston and -- last. It's about a down on their -- couple. Who leaves the big city he loses his job and they -- up in a hippie commune and welcome pulverize the star of the com. -- -- -- -- fears tomorrow and this is out there it's yet it's hippie commune complete with nudist roaming free lots of free love him. And Jennifer Aniston yeah how long did it take you to sign over the balance in its he and on long -- don't come in with Jen Aniston. You know it was it was crazy that I read this script it's then it I just I was the funniest thing -- had written in years as written by David waning Ken Marino. Two guys that worked with quite a few times and they really did themselves on this one. -- as you were reading it and making it. Does the idea of sort of throwing it all weighing clues included appeal to you at all oh got -- Now. I don't think so you know it's one of those things I think in theory sounds kind of nice. I like the idea of communal living I think that sounds -- probably good for us in some way in and working the land it's. I'd last about half a day yeah. In your creature comfort comforts have gotten important -- you. Very little things that I like like doors Zomorodi bathroom -- -- -- the -- -- in this in this place who were staying in the movie they don't believe the doors you know cut us off from each other is. -- very very funny want to show everybody a scene from the film and in this senior trying to explain your wife some of the philosophies of bill -- on the commune with Nikola. Apparently -- you may practice free books and even. Suggested that we try. What did you tell her. No listen I said no. I mean we didn't finish the conversation and I was about me and I will -- did. -- this is biology. I was -- -- weren't meant to be monogamous creatures. I don't know it just that's a substance -- -- excuse for everybody just to get to bed together if you want to pick a fight with your body sexual chief. It's just gonna drive it inward to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't die you know I'd go -- and -- understand. That's what I I think and I try to answer this. You shot this in rural Georgia Jen Jennifer registers that -- and she was telling me. Best shooting experience that she's ever had well that's nice it was I think we all had a great time there's something nice about. Being in a place that. We've ever been in before and no one lives there so we were kind of sequestered in Clarksville Georgia which is a beautiful town beautiful place and and it and -- we all. Became very close and then good -- she said that there is a lot of karaoke at your place yeah I rented karaoke units. And I would have parties and I'm with them and carry him the -- -- -- go to some of easily Wichita lineman. Let me yeah but the thing that's kind of ridiculous as I've done it now so many times that even have a -- -- Some more repertoire yeah. Yeah medley if you will a medley. A hunk in Jennifer -- you may have -- the -- earlier in the show just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame PS and and though she's worked with many many. Actors she had really terrific things to say about -- -- pairings. Let's listen. Just like going back -- -- to -- -- with an old friend I mean he insists the easiest person the most fun -- so. Funny and we'll suites. And -- -- dead -- and you know I'm always fun to work with him. Well what do you say that mr. -- that's that's the nicest thing ever thanks -- She said at us vandalized said she says she likes the idea of all -- pairings that you -- you do indeed she said he has an expense turn Traci. Rudd and Aniston. I don't know -- for some reason I I just how you -- say Spenser for hire now. -- You know I -- -- putting out three times and we've I've known her for a long time to -- -- her. For years before we ever worked together which was on this on the movie object my affection and it's pretty great to be able to work -- People your friends and it's the and she's so talented young so yes a potent combination let's do -- -- -- flat from living. -- -- latest movie is very very funny it's a little OpenId but. Great job one last opens tomorrow in theaters everywhere.

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{"id":15774332,"title":"Paul Rudd on Jen Aniston, 'Wanderlust' and Hippies","duration":"4:40","description":"Hollywood funnyman chats with Lara Spencer about his new romantic comedy.","url":"/GMA/video/paul-rudd-jennifer-aniston-wanderlust-hippies-15774332","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}