Paul Ryan: Can He Help the Ticket?

George Stephanopoulos breaks down the pros and cons of Romney's VP candidate.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan: Can He Help the Ticket?
Let's bring in the host of ABC's this week and GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos -- -- -- the Romney Ryan ticket OK first impressions -- talk about Virginia together if their goal was to rally the conservative -- are they doing well I think they certainly did you saw a lot of excitement and the campaign -- you also saw a lot of excitement of facing Mitt Romney yesterday he was a better -- -- With Paul Ryan by his side I think -- does. Make a difference could make a difference. In this campaign but as David is pointed out Democrats are very energized by this -- as well. They know him very well and he does come with his own budget plan comes with his own ideas but with the unemployment rate sitting and stuck above 8% is now time that Americans really want to focus on fiscal policy percent. Doesn't show up -- polling right now -- deficit reduction is not as high as job creation with the Rami Ryan take it -- argues that their plans will also be better for job creation. In the long term with the Democrats are gonna target as you saw again. From David is this idea that the deep cuts. In entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid -- Ronnie -- calling for a long with a deep cuts in the rest of government spending isn't actually cripple. The economy and that -- if they're doing it while also helping off. Wealthy millionaires with tax cuts and this is going to be the core of that argument it always was going to be the core of the argument they believe it's easier to do now that runs on the ticket. In the frying -- very famous in Washington and political circles but as far as the rest of the country what are Americans can't think when they start to learn more details about its plan polling shows that they don't like and -- so far and then. One of the advantages of -- is that he's probably the best proponent of his own plan is the best he's the most articulate. A spokesperson for his own plan that's one of the reasons Romney picked him going into this the other issue though is that Paul Ryan himself was -- -- we will now. -- nationwide just a congress and we haven't seen a congressman on the ticket since 1984. Geraldine Ferraro -- leaps and see how he holds up. On the national spotlight here's more details from -- in just a moment about just to Paul Ryan is but quickly you have to twenty on the show. We got word that last Monday got a phone call from Mitt Romney that he was not going to be his pick -- -- -- -- the second time around -- runner up from Tim Pawlenty former governor you know we're gonna ask him. This when he says he's filing that he says he thinks that -- is a is a terrific choice there's got to be a lot of disappointment that. That's -- second time around as you mentioned all right George thank you and be sure to join George later today for special this week. When he talks Obama campaign senior advisor David Axelrod as well that's him pointing.

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{"id":16988429,"title":"Paul Ryan: Can He Help the Ticket?","duration":"3:00","description":"George Stephanopoulos breaks down the pros and cons of Romney's VP candidate.","url":"/GMA/video/paul-ryan-ticket-16988429","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}