Paul Stanley of KISS Calls Hall of Fame Induction 'a Farce'

After 40 years of rock and roll, frontman says the honor is grudgingly given.
3:00 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Paul Stanley of KISS Calls Hall of Fame Induction 'a Farce'
I'm -- Cutler and this is newsmakers for ABC news and Yahoo! News. If you didn't know them by their music you certainly remember their flamboyant lead painted faces the members of kiss. A rock and roll legends and now the bands co-founder and frontman Paul Stanley. Talks about their forty year history and his new book faced the music a life exposed wanna talk about the rock and roll hall of fifteen years -- suspense not. It is now time. Well it was always time. The question that we should be asking is the rock and roll hall of fame worthy of being called the rock and roll for an answer is actually know. Because the rock and roll hall of fame doesn't reflect the people the rock and roll hall of fame is -- small group of guys. For the most part who trademarked the name it sounds very official but anybody could've done it. These guys these people behind the scenes. Decide who they want in their club. Whom they consider credible. It's. It's a farce although there are conducting just grudgingly they don't -- -- them there -- -- Because they don't think that we meet their criteria for for being. Rock and roll is the -- they would like to think. The criteria. Is god knows what it is I guess I'm too Smart to -- And have somewhat of a business had on my shoulders. It would be much more to their liking if I was washing cars at this point and then they could invite me and your rock and roll at this point grudgingly they're taking and four members the original four members. And it's I keep saying it's a bitter pill for them fully committed -- smallest possible. When I said to them help out other members of the parent who played on multi platinum -- -- to millions of people the comeback was that's a non starter. That is offensive American to me coming from pencil pushers when I'm a guy who plays the guitar and has done quite well it it. I wasn't going through two to play their came -- when they asked us to get together with the two original members. And put on the makeup with -- and players that absolutely not. We will play with the current members and then have it ace and Peter come out and join us and we can celebrate that way. It makes no sense to me to roll the dice with a career that I've spent forty years constantly. Involved and I didn't quit once again quick twice. And to put somebody in makeup who. To my way of thinking doesn't embody what this band is about. That is me playing Russian roulette with something that I hold very dear to me are you nervous for the nine. No. I'm going on behalf of the fans. To. Except induction on their behalf because it it gives them a validation for there. Feelings about the band and going against the adversity and the the mocking that some of them have gone through because they loved the band so out of respect to them I'm there but out of respect for them. I also have to be honest with them. And being honest with them means that there's no place to two. Have some sort of -- -- nonsensical. You know play acting onstage. I will be there with the other three members. And gladly accept. Induction and hopefully everybody can put aside whatever. Feelings they have about each other. I spoke to the other guys and said look we're gonna continue to disagree and are -- of agreeing or are long gone but let's. Let's enjoy the moment she -- you're strong contact I had spoken Peter actually since that -- I told him he was out of the band which was. Probably. Fourteen years ago but I call them say. This is a moment let's let's enjoy let's enjoy this and and focus on that so. I can understand. Bitter anger and put their anger if mr. erected. There they are -- big mistake was believing that they were so. Irreplaceable that we couldn't continue without them and it's got to be a -- shocked to see this rising. And going on. Very very helpfully without them. Don't be angry at me look in the mirror Peter -- said this on VH one's the metal show I don't know if you if you -- that some. This is what he said he said the fact that we're not performing as heartbreaking a lousy thing to know even get a great big cake which can have peace. I can't really answer that. I'm sure would make Peter feel great. To once again visit something that I think that he. Didn't hold in the esteem or -- -- the way that he should and to momentarily come back. And celebrate in a uniform that I think that he. Compromised. -- Just not going to happen so. I'm happy to be there with them and hopefully we can find some common ground. But. This is an army that he can Wear the uniform of anymore.

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{"id":23266042,"title":"Paul Stanley of KISS Calls Hall of Fame Induction 'a Farce' ","duration":"3:00","description":"After 40 years of rock and roll, frontman says the honor is grudgingly given.","url":"/GMA/video/paul-stanley-kiss-calls-hall-fame-induction-farce-23266042","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}