Paul Walker Killed in Los Angeles Car Crash

Hollywood star was best known for his role in the wildly successful "Fast and the Furious" films.
3:00 | 12/01/13

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Transcript for Paul Walker Killed in Los Angeles Car Crash
Let's get straight to the breaking news out of hollywood this morning. Paul walker one of the stars of the fast furious movies dead in a car crash. Walker was a passenger in a porsche that collided with a pole and caught fire. He was attending arity event to benefit typhoon victims in the philippines. We have team coverage beginning with cecilia vega. Reporter: Look when this crash happened, the fire was so big they couldn't put it out. Overnight, I it was a joyride that ended in this. L.A.156 we're on scene, we have one car fully engulfed. Reporter: This video obtained exclusively by abc news still engulfed in flames. Two people dead. One of them is paul walker. We heard the crash. We heard the explosion. And we got up here as quick as we could. Reporter: The crash left the mangled car unrecognizable. The red porsche wrapped around the tree. According to walker's friend, the passenger inside was actor paul walker and the driver wa walker's friend roger rhodas. This was just a tragic accident that happened on a joyride. Reporter: Investors said it appeared that the driver lost control before hitting this tree in a quiet business park. Paul wanted to go for a ride. Reporter: The 40-year-old actor rose to fame behind fast cars in street races in the popular fast and furious movies. On sunday, he attended his charity toy drive to help victims of last month's victims of typhoon in the philippines. As the investigation as to what happens goes on, so does the shock of an actor famous for his love of cars on and off screen. The sad irony of what happened out here is lost on no one. Hollywood is simply stunned. The person behind the wheel was a professional driver. Bianna, why they crashed this morning is under investigation. Cecilia, our thanks to you. Hugely successful fast and furious movie series featured car crashes. Abc's chris connolly is in los angeles with more on his career. Good morning, chris. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. A career that began back in the '08s ON TELEVISION. Paul walker's name and his obvious on-screen appeal has been synonymous with the fast and furious movies. A main stay of the fast and furious franchise. Paul walker was a foot to the floor phenomenon. Starring alongside brian o'connor. Put in all kind of thrill scenarios. Perfect vehicle for his can-do charm and that appealing grin. Born in glendale, california, walker modeled as a child. And he showed up on "who's the boss." And charles in charge and the big screen he would be in seen IN LATE '90s MOVIES, LIKE Varsity blues. Fast and furious made him a star. How was that one. Reporter: As news of his death spread saturday night, stars took to social media to pay tribute to his memory. Vin diesel, brother, I will miss you very much. I have absolutely speechless. Heaven has gained a new angel. Rest in peace. At the time of his death, walker was raising funds for his charity. He leaves behind a daughter, meadow. Paul walker died on saturday in a car accident in santa cla rita, california, he was 40 years old. Hollywood often finds interesting roles for its best-looking roles for them to play. If dan? We should say, abc news will continue to cover this story especially as we we wait the results of the invest gagts. The white house calling on

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{"id":21060967,"title":"Paul Walker Killed in Los Angeles Car Crash","duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood star was best known for his role in the wildly successful \"Fast and the Furious\" films.","url":"/GMA/video/paul-walker-killed-los-angeles-car-crash-21060967","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}