Paula Deen to Confess She Has Type 2 Diabetes

The queen of cream and carbs might have to make major life change.
1:59 | 01/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Deen to Confess She Has Type 2 Diabetes
-- the -- world is anticipating a confession from one of the queens of southern cooking. There are reports this morning that Paula dean lover of butter cream and cards. Will soon announce -- -- has type two diabetes what will that mean for her cuisine her brand and her health. Here's ABC's TJ Winick. I'm cooking in the S and -- adult she's been called the. We of the deep -- earlier this is not gonna take -- -- -- -- actually cooking with all that butter. Melted butter cream just gonna -- that. -- Tom and other fatty build busting ingredient. -- -- -- -- -- -- theater that is -- that holy dean who specializes in southern cuisine has lead to diabetes. Given her weight -- fat foods that are the basis of recipes. Doctors say we shouldn't be surprised by the -- Innocence the more effective consume. The more weight -- and graduate your pancreas works overtime and you develop diabetes. It was first reported by The National Enquirer last year the dean and the condition. Now it's being reported by the daily that -- what do the food network's biggest stars. Has even signed a deal with a major pharmaceutical company to endorse a diabetes drug. He made headlines last summer and in people ordained -- -- Starr himself sliced and -- the Georgia -- an interview with TV guide and Paul -- the worst most dangerous person to America. And that she should think twice before telling an already obese nation and it's so -- food that is killing us. It's bonded with her trademarks. Ensure it would listen to come into my house -- appeal meal and if you still feel that way about me. So -- -- representative -- confirm or deny -- diabetes story but -- -- does have the disease which over 25 million Americans live with. What what is due to a reputation. State to now. For Good Morning America TJ Winick ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"The queen of cream and carbs might have to make major life change. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15360701","title":"Paula Deen to Confess She Has Type 2 Diabetes","url":"/GMA/video/paula-dean-confess-type-diabetes-15360701"}