Paula Deen Under Fire After Diabetes Announcement

Fellow chefs are angry that Deen pushed unhealthy dishes after being diagnosed.
3:20 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Deen Under Fire After Diabetes Announcement
Celebrity chef Paula dean is speaking out after setting off a firestorm with her announcement this week that she indeed has type two diabetes. The queen of southern cooking has not only angered many fellowships but also to -- biggest fans. Josh is here with more on the controversy doesn't seem like it's gonna go away anytime soon certainly doesn't Robin polity of course is seeing now temperatures rise like never before. With that revelation that she is in fact diabetic. -- has known about it for years. Race car we know her as the queen of southern cuisine. To -- -- -- to unfamiliar to GMA viewers for her many visits over the years. Offering her signature edition's gravy and -- but this week. -- -- was found herself squarely in the fire everybody's talking about Paula dean right now are that. After revealing she suffering from type two diabetes. Which she was diagnosed with several years ago. One of the biggest the biggest questions is why did you decide to announce this now I think it's being close to three years Clayton. And it was really slump and that I had -- that -- Dean's announcement came the same day she began a paid campaign endorsing the diabetes drug -- toes. Her hand made simple changes. In my life. -- cut back on one of my favorite thing. Sweetened -- she says she's donating a portion of her earnings to the American Diabetes Association. So that looks were really good. And is now sharing healthier recipes on her new web site as part of her relationship with the drugmaker. Not good enough say some of dean's critics -- long railed against her high fat sugar loaded cooking. Celebrity chef and frequent dean critic Anthony board game took to Twitter accusing dean of cashing in on her disease. Writing thinking of getting into the -- breaking business so I can profitably sell crutches later. Others weighed in on dean's FaceBook and Twitter accounts shame on you -- one fan wrote. So disappointed polity and campaign on obesity and diabetes equals absurdity another tweeted. Others were supportive you don't owe anyone anything once said and keep on being Paula. Food columnist Michael Pollan fears dean's campaign. Could send the wrong message here. It's absolutely you know up to her whether she wants to tell the public I'm just afraid we're teaching precisely the wrong lessons in this particular moment in a statement to ABC news the pharmaceutical company that's paying deemed to endorse its -- said. Paula dean is someone people can relate to we applaud her bravery for helping people the best way she knows how. And are proud to call ourselves her partner. -- got from the garden meanwhile -- celebrated by fans for her home style cooking and folksy sense of humor. Look -- now says she also wants to spread awareness about her disease. When -- -- says that over and you hear my name how pew associate the word -- point that. Now Robin Paula has said this week she plans no major changes took the cooking style that she's always preached moderation. But we should point out that she is -- business for their sons one of whom has an upcoming television show and it's called. Not my mama's meals in which he does lighten up a lot of -- recipes.

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{"id":15392949,"title":"Paula Deen Under Fire After Diabetes Announcement","duration":"3:20","description":"Fellow chefs are angry that Deen pushed unhealthy dishes after being diagnosed.","url":"/GMA/video/paula-deen-fire-diabetes-announcement-15392949","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}