Paula Deen Fans Defend Fired Chef

People's Larry Hackett discusses social media support for Paula Deen after Food Network let her go.
4:00 | 06/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Deen Fans Defend Fired Chef
Here to talk about it larry hackett, managing editor of "people" magazine. Boy, edward snowden, the top of every trend all through the weekend and now no one has any idea where he is. Headed to ecuador. Didn't get on the plane. Didn't get on the plane. Stuck in the airport. Apparently -- I think putin loves this. And the chinese. This could be a ruiz set up by wikileaks, as well. Who knows if he will go on an aeroflot plane when he has a -- there's stakes involved and wikileaks, this international body getting a lot of support from them and they have a great legal team and a judge, a former spanish judge who ordered the arrest of pinochet and sympathizers across all borders who want to see this guy safe. I was struck by your interview yesterday with general alexander. The united states waited eight days to revoke the passport essentially allowing this all to happen. Why would that happen? They say that they were doing everything the hong kong government asked them to do and that they basically got stiffed by hong kong and hong kong and china said we're not going to go along with it. One of the mysteries -- one thing for sure, reporters love this story. You're bouncing from capitol to capital. Where is the plane going to land. Like old -- everybody looking at the empty seat this morning. Paula deen fired by the food network over the weekend and, you know, over those comments she made in the lawsuit, but turns out a backlash against the food network online almost immediately. What's interesting about this and sol of us have been affected by this, not the paula deen case but one of the stories about the power of social media. But right now the back and forth with her fans and the people who are against her and the food network is about organizations like the food network and apparently qvc trying to put their finger to the wind and monitoring what's going on. You can get very interested and distorted versions of things. I'm surprised it happened as fast as it did and her fans are bouncing back -- in qvc hasn't done it yet. Issued a classic statement like we're monitoring things, we'll wait to see w happens. They'll see what the backlash is and whether they should do something. The social aspect speeds it up. Makes a difference to have that aspect. WHETHER IT'S 1960s OR PRESENT Day, race relations hot button issue, emotions running high on all sides but then when you add social media to it, as well. It gets hotter and your food network or qvc, you don't want to be anywhere near that so the second the flame starts to burn that close to you, you're like i got to get away. Their decision appears final. It looks like it's final and it was very fast. Let's move on. This is interesting. Married to actor or lann da bloom. Miranda kerr. Are you going to show pictures of her? Would you like us to. So she's an alpha female. But at home she's more likely to relax and play the passive role. I'm glad for orlando. Breaking news, this just in. That is wonderful, I guess. What does he say? I'm sorry. Also one more out there. Kanye and kim, did he propose? I don't know if he proposed. It's clear he is overwhelmed by the baby. He's enthralled. Around her all the time. Babies can create a great deal of emotion. A proposal might be a bit premature. Did wefirm the name. Yes, it is north, north west. Get out your compass people, the other names are coming soon. Larry, you're very -- you are a renaissance man. You can talk about anything. Get a little sleep over the weekend. Comes in -- on the beach and ready to go. Always good to see you.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"People's Larry Hackett discusses social media support for Paula Deen after Food Network let her go.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19471644","title":"Paula Deen Fans Defend Fired Chef","url":"/GMA/video/paula-deen-racist-slur-comments-food-network-fires-19471644"}