Paula Deen's Awkward Apologies Over Racial Comments

Food Network announces that it won't renew celebrity chef's contract.
2:41 | 06/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Deen's Awkward Apologies Over Racial Comments
Let me chef Paula dean's attempted damage control backfiring and spectacular fashion. Dean who is one of the top stars on the Food Network posted not one but to walk poorly edited videos online apologizing for racist comments she made in the past. Moments later the network announced it won't be renewing her contract the news starting to crumble her multimillion dollar empire and ABC Steve of the Tommy joins us now with the story. Good morning Steve. Good morning -- got to -- apology this is the definition of damage control it was a deposition in her own words that started this fire. Inappropriate. Hurtful language is totally. Totally unacceptable. The normally cheery and folksy self described queen of southern cooking and begging for forgiveness. Saying she's caught yourself tremendous pain insisting that she doesn't discriminate -- want to apologize to everybody. For the wrong that I -- guy and she first put out a short edited statement on YouTube but quickly took it down and replaced it with a longer. More natural and vigorous apology. -- -- the biggest. 24 years. To help myself and others. Your color your skin your religion. Your sexual preference does not matter. In the transcripts of a recorded deposition for a lawsuit filed against her by a former employee. Dean admits she once suggested to an assistant to achieve higher middle aged black men to dress up in white jackets and black bow ties for an old southern plantation wedding. She said she liked that civil war look acknowledging it was when black slaves waited on white people but says she didn't mean anything derogatory. She's asked have you ever use the N word yourself yes of course she set and then later I'm sure I have but it's been a very long time. Really from the beginning from a PR point of view this -- been a disaster on almost every level he's so. Good -- apologies weren't enough for her TV home the Food Network announcing it will not renew -- -- contract when it expires at the end of this month. For nearly sixteen million dollar empire -- food products -- recipes could take a hit on Twitter they're saying her apology is going over like -- corn bread. On -- FaceBook page her fans are split there's you should be ashamed. And you made a mistake you should not have your whole life and career destroyed because of it. Here's was at the heart of this for so very long dean has been the ambassador for all things good and delicious about the south but what's happened this week. As reminded everyone. What's not so good about the south's history.

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{"id":19462860,"title":"Paula Deen's Awkward Apologies Over Racial Comments","duration":"2:41","description":"Food Network announces that it won't renew celebrity chef's contract.","url":"/GMA/video/paula-deens-awkward-apologies-racial-comments-19462860","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}