Pay for College by Wearing Lipstick

Earn as much as $30,000 a year with direct sales.
6:26 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Pay for College by Wearing Lipstick
With the cost of college sky rocketing nearly -- went looking for new ways to help pay for school well if you love showing off your latest lipstick and beauty accessories tip. We've got some advice that -- help you cut the cost direct selling is hotter than ever and Kelsey Riley is a college student and representative form mark. And she's here to share sum up her sales secrets -- Kelsey. I -- thank you so much for having me absolutely so first tell us a little bit about your business how works how you're making money. Well like -- said we're and direct sales -- its its its market said division of a fine. And we have represented is all over the nation that sell the products and we have to get a discount on the product. And I decided to -- opportunity did you during college as a working mother anything. To make some extra some -- supplemental income. In your lifestyle and he said he -- -- -- lipstick so that it's fun at same time. Now what's better than that and then it's you're making a commission. On all of your cells I know that -- in many cases can make its full time salary and know with markets as much as. 30000 dollars a year you're currently making what I believe is a few thousand dollars a month so tell me how much time you have to devote to -- to -- that kind of money. Well as as with all direct sales at least to my knowledge it's is as much put into -- that's what you're gonna get out of -- So it the more time that you put into it the more that your generally gonna get out of and that's for you -- -- those those full time. -- -- People of those represented as making that kindness that kind of money. So -- in my case I -- I -- in good amount of hours but I also -- different -- other than just being represented and Hamas regional. Manager kind of thing it's -- a mentor in R&R -- in the mark well. And like you say you make a couple thousand dollars a month and I develop extra time to that but I also instill representative to so I get to do that and -- make. Thirty to 35% off -- whenever I sell at any given point. So are right we'll let some let's head into your specific cells advice because you do put a lot of time into you do work with a lot of people to help them to be successful as well. Talk about some of those things in the first you say that it's really important to -- and sharing. And yes -- share is one of our biggest last speech here -- And -- -- wearing it too because the practice so Q we love all the product actually everything and Wednesday -- know you can't really see much of it in the camera but. Everything I'm wearing today as market and I actually love wearing it and it's one of those things that. It's a conversation -- so you walk around in the Molly block -- and the pressure -- and your everyday life in your compliments on it so. It's an easy it's an easy way to -- that that peer to peer selling that women actually do anyway so it's it's actually. A very easy thing to -- incorporated to your lifestyle that -- share concept. Shore especially when you're you're passionate about it that and think what makes direct sales appealing is choosing a product that you're happy to -- acts say that -- -- -- Next you say that using FaceBook is really -- -- -- yet face but is is a platform that almost every mark representative -- and that's because that's something that naturally their customers Ari B. -- interacting on so as beyond know in sales customer service is key and FaceBook provides that platform in which that you can. That you can constantly interact with your customers and give them that -- on one one I want service. And then also -- is an excellent way to promote an -- way to market. Like I said the -- appear marketing -- -- in the word of mouth is like one of the most successful and lucrative ways that we that we market ourselves as mark -- so. I -- I've done things that where I posted photos. For thirty days I caught it thirty days with market -- is a summer with mark and I posted a summer staple every single day. And I updated from my Blackberry on on -- -- have to be sitting at a computer every single day. And -- updated. Every day with -- with a new product taught it's what everybody why I liked it while how I used and why it's essential for summer and actually got attorney customers and over hundreds of dollars in sales just from. Just from posting photos of me wearing products and he's about eating that women are in actually do they come home from them -- -- -- -- gift bag that I got and and it's this it's something that is part of our. A part of our regular conversation -- -- lives. And it isn't part of your conversation -- celebrities and used a used celebrities because they can -- -- really great sales to house. Yes completely celebrities completely legitimize our business and if someone is wearing something on the red carpet you know everyone is tweeting -- -- his -- -- -- -- that everybody is. As talking about that particular celebrity in -- -- company does an excellent job with getting us that information. Even if they're not wearing those. Mark products we we actually just pretend you know -- like we'll -- get the look of selling cell and you know -- might be like a more expensive workers from more prestigious brand of make up but -- say get the look from Macedonia for a fraction of the price. And it's really fun to -- get creative with that -- but it definitely legitimizes our business went. When so and -- loves. You know this particular -- product absolutely and I think any business can relate to that thing I never for you -- deal is really important tell you we're using YouTube. On icy to Marquez of really great YouTube channel where we have celebrity makeup artists that do certain certain bucks for the -- -- and things that are high and things that people will really above so I'll link them to my FaceBook page and share them with my friends and it gives it that also is implicitly legitimacy factor where. -- a celebrity makeup artist giving this does stand on this luck and it shows everybody it's kinda educational piece that shows everybody how to actually use the product. And that's one of the biggest selling points is when someone feels comfortable -- they can go home and actually use that product make it happen for themselves yet yes exactly and it I think all these things tend to be about what you called infinite possibilities. -- -- there is infinite possibilities with mark and -- acts on things about -- what makes us stand out from everybody else I think in the direct selling industry is that. We above to reward and recognize our -- that work really hard sell they actually you know those types of people get elevated higher roles which is way you know iPad be. Very fortunate opportunities to obtain -- All right well. Eight continued successor great champion for remarks that we appreciate you coming and sharing a -- that enthusiasm. With us -- are right. And you can buy directly from Kelsey -- came Riley not. My -- store dot com you can also learn more about -- at -- mark. Dot com.

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"Earn as much as $30,000 a year with direct sales. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14874999","title":"Pay for College by Wearing Lipstick","url":"/GMA/video/pay-college-tuition-wearing-lipstick-14874999"}