Willow Bay on the Fight to Prevent Pediatric AIDS

Florence Ngobeni and Willow Bay discuss inspiration behind finding preventative measures for illness.
3:11 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Willow Bay on the Fight to Prevent Pediatric AIDS
There is an old and inarguable saying that says, you don't want to get in the way of a mother. Amen to that. And that's why the initiative to end pediatric aids has been called a mother's fight. With me, now, two moms with a common cause, finding a cure for that deadly disease. Willow bay. And its ambassador, florence gobeni allen. A mother whose personal story of resilience will inspire you all. Elizabeth glazer was a looming figure in this fight. And, boy, we keep her memory alive with this. As you remember, she started the foundation, after she unknowingly passed hiv on to her two children. She lost her daughter, aerial. And she decided that no mother should ever have to lose a child that way again. Since then, we virtually eliminated pediatric aids in the u.S., And the developing world. But around the world, 900 children a day are born with hiv. And flence and I and a whole lot of moms like us are not going to stop until that number gets to zero. Florence, I know it touched your life. I want to hear your story. In 1997, I find out through my daughter who was 2 months old, that we were hiv-positive, myself and my husband. And a new months later, about three months later, we lost her. I made a vow that I will fight for her. I'll fight for the wee with no voice and come across and share my story of hope. And you know, say we can do this. I was blessed with two children. I got married again. And my two children, my two sons, are 6 and 2. They're all tested hiv-negative. My fight is not a mother's fight in vain. It's a mother's fight to encourage other mothers that it is possible. We can eliminate pediatric aids. You see why we call florence our secret weapon? How did she become such? I met lawrence on my first trip to africa when I was learning about the disease. And I was blown away when i heard florence speak about her bravery and carriage, at a time when very few women dared to say they were hiv-positive. Now, today, she is one of our most powerful voices. One of our most effective counselors in the field. But also, her story is indicative of just how this conversation has changed. We are eliminating this. What more, then, can we do? What do we do to reach that? It's imperative we keep up the momentum. Halfway there. We have half yet to go. Join a mother's fight. Go to amothersfight.Org. Share your story. It remains so difficult. But, boy, not for the efforts of the two of you. Florence, it is phenomenal meeting you. Thank you for being here. Great to see you again. We'll be back when we're done, right? Stay out of the way of these two moms, whatever you do.

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{"id":18556579,"title":"Willow Bay on the Fight to Prevent Pediatric AIDS","duration":"3:11","description":"Florence Ngobeni and Willow Bay discuss inspiration behind finding preventative measures for illness.","url":"/GMA/video/pediatric-aids-willow-bay-fight-battle-educate-childhood-18556579","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}