Pedro Bravo Takes Stand in Love Triangle Murder Trial

Bravo has pleaded not guilty to the first degree murder of his friend, Christian Aguilar.
4:24 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Pedro Bravo Takes Stand in Love Triangle Murder Trial
That teenage love triangle in Florida. The young man on trial for allegedly killing his best friend driven by jealousy taking the tan in his own defense and Matt Gutman is tracking the case and he's in Gainesville for us, good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, robin. On the stand Pedro bravo seemed to have an answer for everything admitting that he was obsessed with his best buddy's girlfriend. He made internet searches to for things like alibis and attacked his friend but he said the only person he intended to kill that night was himself. I feel like I'm going to regret the decision for the rest of my life. For the first time on Thursday jurors hearing directly from the 20-year-old accused of murdering his best friend. Did you have any malicious intent to kill Christian Aguilar? No. Reporter: Over an intense four hours Pedro bravo sometimes rambling, often laughing nervously as he testified about the sticky September night in 2012, prosecutors say he strangled Christian Aguilar in a fit of jealousy after learning that Aguilar was dating his ex-high school sweetheart, Erika friman. I was still enamored with her and wanted to get back with her. Reporter: He testified he did get into a heated argument with Aguilar. I strike him with my open palm in the face. And then I strike him again. Reporter: But that he left Aguilar alive. All I could he didn't get up right away but that he was still moving. Reporter: Bravo insisting the only life he planned to take that night was his own. Even Reading from his suicide note, he says he wrote it just after the fight. I'm sorry, there is no right way to explain why I'm doing this. Reporter: But prosecutors say that note is all part of bravo's web of lies. Alleging he killed Aguilar in cold blood and buried his body in a shallow grave. The shovel that's been introduced into evidence, that is your shovel. Yes. You bought it. Yes. Okay. You hid it. Yes. Reporter: But when confronted with the evidence against him, bravo danced around every word. Chris admitted to you in the car he was dating Erika, right. He said he was going out with Erika. Oh. That's a -- there's a difference? Reporter: Even introducing a new twist about this jailhouse confession letter claiming inmates strong-armed him. He basically say if you don't do this then I'll just go get to your parents. Reporter: Now michelangelo was the cellmate that testified against him saying he meticulously planned the murder down to the type of drugs to sedate him. Pedro bravo has pleaded not guilty but today that jury may get the case. If they Vick him he could face life in prison. Robin. Thank you. Legal analyst Ryan smith for more on this. You never know if someone will take the stand. He decided to do so. Why? He had to. Because when you think about this case he actually provided a videotaped statement to police played in court. Normally that's a defense attorney's dream because think about it this way, he gets to take the stand in that form of the videotape without being cross-examined. What you want but had so many inconsistency, the evidence was piled up against him. He had to clear those up and really clear up his credibility. When we were all of us watching Matt's piece and seeing him on the stand, Pedro bravo, I saw your eyebrows go up a time or two. How did he do? In this lawyer's opinion, awful, awful because you have to establish credibility and part of that is having consistent statements. So on the stand, he mentions what you saw in Matt's piece then this part about the letter, an inmate made him write that letter. Did you punch him? Did you get that a fight in the car or outside. All of these things he's had con politicking statements on and didn't do a good job clearing that up. The jury is who matters and the question is do they believe him but it looks all over the place if how does he get to reasonable doubt? Only need one. That's the key. We say that all the time. You only need one person on that jury to hang a jury or to convince others that he's innocent so one person has to buy his story hook line and sinker. If that happens you could see reasonable doubt. Looks like we'll know soon because the jury could get it today. All right there. Thank you, Ryan. Out of Utah the woman in

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{"id":24993476,"title":"Pedro Bravo Takes Stand in Love Triangle Murder Trial","duration":"4:24","description":"Bravo has pleaded not guilty to the first degree murder of his friend, Christian Aguilar. ","url":"/GMA/video/pedro-bravo-takes-stand-love-triangle-murder-trial-24993476","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}