A Peek Inside Brad Paisley's 'Diary'

The country music star talks about his new book, "Diary of a Player."
6:01 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for A Peek Inside Brad Paisley's 'Diary'
He is when he's known for is riding. At them we didn't want to walk well I. -- -- -- you know for your writing but this is a different kind of Ecstasy I have been McKinley in the boy's great thanks. The diary of a play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not a Republican right that when next he but this is this beautiful book that he has just released its about his love of the guitar and all the guitar hero's. Who really shaped her life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- really bring -- import of this because she'd been talking about it for a little bit when we in our conversations and like you said it's not an autobiography but very much you'll. It is it's it's basically anything that that has to do with the guitar because everything I have is from that that he now. And we've we've hung out quite a bit I'm offended you went to Nashville I did not got caught up up. You're all -- there college next time right after the -- the boys. You write early on we talked about your grandfather want to write something that you said when I was eight I gotta get from my grandpa. No coincidence that around that time it also got an identity that's right. You know I think I was really lucky in that something that I was given. Became my livelihood that. -- -- nine years old as I knew what I wanted to do with my life most people it takes you know. Your junior in college you can change -- a couple of concern I was really lucky that I didn't have to change my major. I was wish I didn't really major in when I did you know -- got -- did. Stuff Brad Paisley added. It was 'cause I didn't go to class -- -- I'll have to go to class and he. And I ended up getting him to change it back to seniors so grade point average was at least. At least just mildly embarrassing and I'm not so horrible. But OKC didn't show up for class. But your work ethic is off the charts and write about that -- that yes that you do have you you have your so talented full facts -- that the work that you put into it and that people need to know that. I think there is yeah I mean that's something I'm trying to instill in my boys and I got it from my daddy works his butt off all the time he's retired he's still finds ways to. To stay busy I don't you know mr. I think that that's an important thing in this society now that we all sort of learn to really be. Focused on what we we think we're good and is. So your heroes. -- guitar -- morality. Chet Atkins then skills Steve Warner you know what. For me the singer guitar players became. Really important because you know. I saw Steve Warner play when I was a kid who is a great country singer songwriter guitarist and I thought. He's doing homocysteine and -- there is talk -- saying innings plan. And Vince -- I'm met him shortly after that it was the same thing in Ricky Skaggs and that's what I wanna be Allen who of those guys that plays the -- and -- -- -- Well you've always got a -- by your side and I've been very fortunate spent some time. In your home and you'd deal but I think you have a guitar in every room I do last it's kind of -- rule with me is that there's. Several like nice guitars that you want to play really close by. And every room I think that's a good thing. About the boys who want them I don't care if they do or not but I have a feeling they'll be no -- and in the best thing you can do is tell them don't touch those. -- -- our planet like that don't tell yet ultimately admit that is that is right here is an illegal all are not allowed ride this. They know a million and again then hit in the be -- -- that you are very humble man that's one of the reasons that we admire you so much. You never use your celebrity though that's what my favorite songs from new celebrity thank you but you -- is that to meet your wife -- definitely yes. Well it I think there's you know there's a long list of people Keith Urban same thing you know. We're about how. Seeing her in the movie -- -- well and that the story it's you know what I love and it was says it's in the book I only did which is really fun person when somebody asked the questions unanswered but. Long story short -- Father of the bride was an important movie to me and being that -- taken long term girlfriend -- that first time we went out. The sequel came out I went to see it. By myself thinking maybe that girl would show up she didn't. And then later on wrote a song about that and got the idea that the girl I was supposed to be -- wasn't. Wasn't the girl and took the news -- the girl in the movie which is really it sounds completely psychotic. No not at all -- -- -- -- during normal Libya and may have -- Colin just said would you wanna be a music video and didn't really think. That. That anything more would come of it and the next thing you know she got -- she's single and -- interested in. -- and a video and -- -- living has anti I've got to do what every guy that probably Solomon -- -- but when that degrade. Let's say they got to do it also it's great to have you and Carrie Underwood again there was some funny funny -- about you guys hosting. The Academy Awards next week. We we have a great chemistry we have we have found our group I think in that sense these. These shots that we that you're seeing right there meaning. We had a great day coming up from our panel that's been done Avery but they -- yet they were afraid to go left so. They were so wherever and then there's there's a couple of of these where I'd try to cut for the -- -- -- -- my handwritten news there's all. If you have a wicked sense -- humor well some people get some people don't -- you get I get it I did it and I get this to. And it is a wonderful wonderful read I know how proud you -- of it. And rightfully so thanks so thinking you were triggered great generators --

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"The country music star talks about his new book, \"Diary of a Player.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14880454","title":"A Peek Inside Brad Paisley's 'Diary'","url":"/GMA/video/peek-inside-brad-paisleys-diary-player-14880454"}