Penelope Cruz's Acupuncture Beads Target Specific Conditions

Rachel Smith discusses celebrity's treatment, gives it a try.
2:48 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for Penelope Cruz's Acupuncture Beads Target Specific Conditions
Let's get started with the picture. Show penelope cruz. You look real closely right there. She has what could be earrings. They look like beads. Looking very closely right inside there. Each one, they're acupuncture beads. Each one targeting a specific condition. And rachel smith gave this treatment a try. She's here to tell us about it. Hey, rachel. I sure do. Good morning, george. We look to the stars for the latest trends when they hit the carpets decked out to the nines. One actor says four tiny accessories has left fashion watchers asking, what is that? Penelope cruz is known for dazzling on the red carpet. And at a recent premiere, one detail in particular caught the eye. Or rather, the ear. Four, tiny gold beads. It's acupuncture for the ear. Unlike this episode of "sex and the city," it's unobtrusive and virtually pain-free. And it's not for style. Some practitioners say it can be beneficial for your health. Intrigued, I vifsited jill at the yinova center. They're little tiny beats. They don't pierce the skin. Reporter: Marjorie martin says, people think it might hurt. It doesn't hurt. You don't really feel it at all. Reporter: Why the ear? They're always contacting other body parts through your ear. We have points for hunger. We have points for organs like the kidney or the heart. What penelope had in her ear is have a point that is very calming. A point that is very centering. It had a point for metabolism. And another calming point. It's like taking an extra deep breath. Reporter: So, it was time for marjorie's deep breath. You can feel them. You can press that. Come on in. Reporter: And then, it's my term. What is she doing? I'm calming my mind. Yep. So, I still have a couple of those beads hanging on for dear life. The therapist gave me beads for hunger, metabolism, stress and calming. I did find myself pinching my ear from time to time, which jill said stimulates the point. Minus my big lunch and dinner later that day, maybe. I'll willing to go back to the full treatment and I'll let you know how it goes. Let's go to sam and re-create basketball magic. Michael drysch, george.

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{"id":18334625,"title":"Penelope Cruz's Acupuncture Beads Target Specific Conditions","duration":"2:48","description":"Rachel Smith discusses celebrity's treatment, gives it a try.","url":"/GMA/video/penelope-cruzs-acupuncture-beads-target-specific-conditions-18334625","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}