Penn State Scandal: Accusers to Face Sandusky

Eight of Jerry Sandusky's alleged victims to testify against ex-coach in court.
2:40 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Penn State Scandal: Accusers to Face Sandusky
The latest on Penn State and word that eight of Jerry send -- these alleged victims will testify against him in court. The 67 year old former football coach is accused of abusing the young man over -- fifteen year period. Their decision to appear as witnesses could be a major obstacle for his defense and ABC's Jim -- -- joins us now. With much more. On this morning. Good morning Robin -- send -- preliminary hearing is expect to last for most of next week. If described now as a mini trial with a former Penn State coach hearing the evidence directly from the young men who say he abused them. -- -- -- Ski is about to face in open court the eight young men who -- he abused them as boys. ABC news has learned that all eight accusers are to be key witnesses in the preliminary hearing scheduled for next Tuesday. The victims have quite a resolve to get out there and to tell their story and to make the truth known and to make sure it doesn't happen to any other victim. Former Pennsylvania prosecutor Kathleen Kane has put hundreds of child molesters and -- it was her specialty. And she says the attorney general is doing the right thing by showing -- -- just how strong the State's case may be. The witnesses there the -- able to testify able to testify confidently and has the strength to face his or her accuser. Cain says the men will be cross examined by the defense -- has an actual trial. And their identities are unlikely to be hidden because they are all legal adults today. But sources say there resolve is strong especially after hearing -- desk -- second high profile interview this time with a New York Times. In which he claimed prosecutors twisted his innocent mentoring -- into the makings of a monster. There there was a mutual feeling. You know -- family. Like feeling who you know wasn't extended family were extended family extended father. Jerry sandusky is nothing more than an overgrown kid. Who wrestles with the kids he plays with the kids and acts like a kid in. Probably in many ways always kind of thought of himself is still being a kid even though -- so obviously in his fifties and sixties. Now the men will have a chance to refute that defense face to face -- what former prosecutor Cain says. Will be a difficult but rewarding experience. I am so. In off of the strength of the victims I believe that they are now walking out of the courtroom as gentlemen and as heroes. -- -- attorney says they are ready to cross examine the young men and welcome the opportunity to hear firsthand the evidence against him for the first time. Of the alleged victims couldn't be happy about the two interviews that sandusky and I think that they were they were already. Probably gonna testify but the resolve this truly been strengthened by that service thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Eight of Jerry Sandusky's alleged victims to testify against ex-coach in court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15094183","title":"Penn State Scandal: Accusers to Face Sandusky","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-scandal-accusers-face-sandusky-15094183"}