Pa. State Witness' Story Changes

Questions raised about Mike McQueary, an eyewitness in the case.
2:34 | 12/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pa. State Witness' Story Changes
The latest in the Penn State scandal as we said we're at a crucial moment. Coming tomorrow for -- for the a former. Coach Jerry sandusky -- face eight of its accusers in court in what promises to be an incredibly dramatic hearing meanwhile there are new questions this morning. About a key eyewitness in the case and ABC's we can anchor Dan Harris is here with much more -- -- they ran. Good morning to you the key eyewitness -- name's Michael Cleary he has given a damning and truly sickening firsthand account of -- send -- -- alleged child sex abuse but this latest twist in this case. Holds out some hope for send -- as he heads into that highly charged court hearing tomorrow. Assistant coach Mike -- area man who prosecutors consider a key eyewitness and also a man whose version of events is once again being called into question. If the query did give eight different version or actually only part of the version is more like what it sounds. That he went -- he me he gave a little bit of what happened but not the entire truth -- then it is significant and it goes to his credibility before the jury. -- told a grand jury he -- Jerry -- -- sodomized a ten year old boy. In the -- showers in 2002. And then he then told head coach Joseph Paterno about it as well as Penn state university officials -- none of whom alerted police. But now a local Paper says a friend -- in the Cleary family doctor Jonathan -- told the grand jury he spoke with an aquarium in night of the alleged -- And then -- Cleary told him he never -- any actual sex only two people in the -- doing something suspicious. If true that would support Joseph Paterno whose firing led to riots on campus and US troops home. He said that the clearing never told him he -- sex in the locker room. He would also of course -- -- huge -- to -- -- dusty who has admitted he showered with boys. But repeatedly insisted including in this New York Times interview that no abuse took place. These allegations are false. I did. Do those things. Send us he's attorneys already crowing releasing a statement saying if the report is accurate. It helps Jerry's case and confirms what we said all along that mccreery didn't see any sexual contact that night between Jerry and a child. Perhaps and asking because -- is the only eyewitness as we all now. This is not the first time -- -- account has been question he's also apparently made some conflicting statements about whether he stopped the abuse C. Allegedly -- the showers that night we asked both McLeary. And his family friend for comment but neither of them. Would speak.

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{"id":15136527,"title":"Pa. State Witness' Story Changes","duration":"2:34","description":"Questions raised about Mike McQueary, an eyewitness in the case.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-scandal-key-witness-mike-mcqueary-story-changes-15136527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}