Penn State Scandal: Sex Accusers to Face Sandusky

Accusers of the former coach will testify in a preliminary hearing.
2:31 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Penn State Scandal: Sex Accusers to Face Sandusky
Now for the latest on the Penn -- scandal dramatic hearing ahead this morning former coach Jerry sends -- people come face to face with his accusers for the first time. ABC's Jim -- -- and now from Pennsylvania with the very latest good morning -- Good morning Robin the national scandal that has been driven mostly by a -- document. Accusing Jerry sandusky a fifty counts of horrendous crimes sex crimes against ten children. Now -- a new phase live testimony inside this courthouse. From the very boys now young men who accused the college football icon of the -- Accuser after accuser as many as ten alleged victims of sometimes. Brutal molestation. Will take this witness stand and point the finger at former Penn State defensive coach Jerry -- desk. Among the first will be the boy identified as victim number six by the grand jury. Whose mother back in 1998 reported send -- showered -- -- then eleven year old boy giving him a naked Berra. He's now 24. Scarred say -- attorneys but determined to tell his story. So it's very difficult and trying. But something needs to be done to serve justice. Alleged victim number six in the other young men willing to testify will not have to identify themselves by today. -- be driven to court in unmarked police vehicles it ushered into the old courthouse by a secret entrance. -- in court they will be in full view -- disguised. We'll have to -- -- were. Mr. send -- -- and his lawyer. Staring them down and attempting to intimidate him further but our client our client is a very strong in man. Send -- attorney will cross examine the -- But the key to his defense says Joseph Amendola is fellow Penn State coach Mike the query. Who told the grand jury he witnessed an actual violent child assault at the hands of sandusky. In the Penn State shouts and reported to university officials. But that is reportedly contradicted by another grand jury witness who testified Macquarie told him he some much less on the night of the attack. I think. Mike the queries version of this as he told it's a grand jury is already falling apart and I think -- -- time we're done with the preliminary hearing phases case. It will be pretty much more. -- to a query is expected to be one of the eleven witnesses. ABC news has been told -- testified today.

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{"id":15143312,"title":"Penn State Scandal: Sex Accusers to Face Sandusky","duration":"2:31","description":"Accusers of the former coach will testify in a preliminary hearing.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-scandal-sex-assault-accusers-face-sandusky-15143312","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}