Penn State Scandal: Accusers to Testify

Dan Abrams discusses the case of former coach Jerry Sandusky.
2:14 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Penn State Scandal: Accusers to Testify
And -- -- legal analyst Dan Abrams now and -- a crucial day. As we've been saying send a -- be facing all of his alleged victims and we're told that this -- of the first companies seeing them. In court. Even say this is like a mini trial what's -- goal here for the. The prosecution. That the goal is to make sure this case moves forward to a trial. This is basically a very low standard here in the preliminary hearing just to make sure they can demonstrate to a court there's enough evidence to move forward so they don't want to go overboard. They don't want to present to many witnesses they don't -- lay out the entirety of their case they wanna present just enough to -- the judge -- On each and every one of the counts charged. We've got enough to willful is it true the defense could avoid this and not had. This hearing and most of the time they do -- -- effect Pennsylvania's one of the few states were required both big grand jury which sort of serves a fact finder. And then a preliminary hearing where a judge rules okay now there's enough to move Ford in most states a grand jury actually does the indictment. And that allows the case to move -- -- in Pennsylvania very often a defense attorney will waive the preliminary hearing knowing that they're going to lose it. As a -- in this case why didn't do in this case it says it wants to cross examine witnesses they'd like to get the accusers on the record -- they can potentially get inconsistent statements within later. So the fact that the defense is moving forward and not -- tells you that they are ready. To do some real cross examination of these witnesses don't expect to -- -- and asking up bond. The witness stand of that -- I mean. Up I would've told you don't expect the seats and does he do an interview with on television so the fact that he did that would prove me wrong I would be absolutely stunt. If San dusty took -- -- eight me it would make it would be no sense at all for him to take the stand at this point put himself on the record. Subject himself to cross examination. It -- just be crazy in particular because the defense knows they're gonna lose. They know what they're going to lose this hearing it's an interesting type of hearing -- the defense goes into it. Knowing they have almost no chance so they don't wanna lay all their cards and that's how quickly do you think that -- role. Almost immediately so it let's assume this takes two days the judge could rule from the bench right there and then all right Dan thanks for --

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{"id":15143337,"title":"Penn State Scandal: Accusers to Testify","duration":"2:14","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the case of former coach Jerry Sandusky.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-scandal-sexual-assualt-accusers-testify-hearing-15143337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}