Penn State Scandal: Sandusky's Lawyer Speaks

Former coach Jerry Sandusky's attorney speaks exclusively to ABC News.
2:33 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Penn State Scandal: Sandusky's Lawyer Speaks
-- Penn State child abuse scandal former FBI director. Has been tapped to head -- independent investigation. And allegations against former coach Jerry sandusky ABC's Jim model is in state college Pennsylvania again with the latest good morning Jim. Good morning Robin and there's a revealing interview this morning with us with the attorney Jerry sandusky who says his client is this is the victim of the death threats himself and met twice his house has been Brecht. But even though his client is now a prisoner in his own home even -- attorney acknowledges that could change very soon. And Jerry sends us these days is a free man may be numbered so says his own attorneys Joseph -- Dolan who predicts that before the December preliminary hearing. Prosecutors will add charges from new alleged molestation victims and asked the new judge in the case to jail his client until trial. My concern is if they bring new charges based upon new people coming forward. The -- when he sat and he's what went up in jail. In an exclusive interview with ABC news and Amendola also reveals a new part of his defense strategies claiming -- dusty could not have committed the most serious of the charges. Repeated sexual contact at his home. Because he was never alone with the boys in a crowded. How's this house was like a hotel. The particular football weekends -- a lot of people have sex at hotels your right to have sex and hotels but this was a house. And the house was filled with people and -- -- -- had six adopted kids. And three Foster kids. And Amendola says if his client is guilty he should go to prison for life. But says he doesn't believe that's the case in point said the decision to investigate sandusky -- the grand jury system as proof. Of a lack of evidence and Amendola says Pennsylvania's governor who was the attorney general in the investigation began. Had the power to arrest send us he immediately but instead chose to leave him on the street. If you believe that Jerry sandusky was a -- thought then you -- -- believe there was substantial risk while you were continuing a three year grand jury investigation. Which could have resulted in that an arrest with the first -- coming forward three years ago. Here on the campus these students themselves are getting a break from the scandal they are on Thanksgiving break. But the university moved ahead already during this -- to appoint Louie freeh the former FBI director at to have video of their investigation. And he promises an independent one that can. Look at anybody that was involved in this case Robin and all would welcome that are right -- thank you he -- a tough investigator to.

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{"id":15005244,"title":"Penn State Scandal: Sandusky's Lawyer Speaks","duration":"2:33","description":"Former coach Jerry Sandusky's attorney speaks exclusively to ABC News.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-sex-abuse-scandal-jerry-sanduskys-lawyer-15005244","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}