Sandusky's Denial: Alleged Victim's Mother Angry

After the Ex-Penn State coach denied charges of pedophilia one mother speaks out
3:14 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Sandusky's Denial: Alleged Victim's Mother Angry
-- latest Anthony's sexual abuse scandal involving. Former Penn State football coach Jerry sandusky and ABC news exclusive the mother of one of his alleged victims is now speaking out the day after send -- He -- -- -- -- file ABC's Jim -- is in state college Pennsylvania again with us for the latest morning Jim. According Robin a couple of new developments this morning first of all that coach who says he saw sandusky raping a ten year old boy in the showers. Told friends and -- well now that he actually told police about that -- ten years ago. And of course there's the mother. The mother of one of the eight victims speaking out today angry about Jerry sandusky is denial saying that he was arrogant -- -- -- that it -- freedom. As Jerry sandusky made his case on national television at least one family listen very carefully. It's sicken me. He would be on TV I think you made yourself look -- more guilty. Her identity protected so we're -- cannot be identified as victim number one in the child molestation indictment of Jerry -- This mother. Speaking exclusively to ABC news is disgusted at what she her. Do you think the facts support. His contention that he's just a jock playing with kids in the locker room which not -- It's a planned out strategy. To groom children too much are you how to follow. -- what did you think when he said -- retrospect. You know. I think the question of -- with those kids. We definitely strips are recruits kids. It was sickening I mean I don't know anybody. And anybody. Who wants how many think -- Would get a shower naked with a ten year old. This mom says her son victim number one cried when he saw sandusky defending himself. I'm sure why would remain wanted to make you -- And he. He said because I'm afraid I'm afraid he'll go free. And worst of all it angers her to watch said dusty as a free man. Both she and her -- feel they must -- Makes me really mound demise -- and -- alone have a normal life he can -- hang out tomorrow because he might run into Jerry he gets through the mall -- Sharpton. Do whatever he wants to do garden -- greets me. -- -- he should be in jail. Victim number what is expected to be a star witness against a -- perhaps as important as this man former coach Mike -- seen doing some afternoon shopping. But refusing to react publicly to -- -- calling his testimony that he witnessed the coach -- a ten year old in the shower a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But in emails he sent to friends this week the query for the first times has he not only told Joseph Paterno about the attack he told police quote. I did stop -- physically but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room. I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police. -- -- send -- indictment makes it seem as though Macquarie merely walked away from that attack and didn't stop it. That's one part of that indictment that the prosecution's star witness. Vehemently disagrees --

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{"id":14962405,"title":"Sandusky's Denial: Alleged Victim's Mother Angry ","duration":"3:14","description":"After the Ex-Penn State coach denied charges of pedophilia one mother speaks out","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-sex-abuse-scandal-sanduskys-denial-alleged-victims-mother-angry-14962405","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}